Black Clover Episode 42 Review: The Underwater Temple

Seeing the Black Bulls doing their job was incredibly entertaining! Their teamwork, the mesh of their personalities during a serious situation… They were quite refreshing compared to when they were at the base. Interesting events were slowly unfolding as well! Black Clover is going strong indeed!

Japanese Title: 海底神殿


Noelle successfully pulled off her new magic spell, safely getting the whole squad to where the Underwater Temple is located. There they were met with some big surprises! First, there were people living there, and they didn’t want to kill them! However, when they got inside the temple, they met more people, but these wanted them dead!

Episode Highlights

Under the sea: Wow! At first, I was worried that Noelle’s new spell might suddenly fail on them while they were on their way to the temple, and they’ll…you know. The area with strong mana looked insanely dangerous even! To think that was already during a weak night; who knows how terrible the normal currents are! However, she safely managed to maneuver their way through the ocean to their target location, despite all the ruckus and distractions inside their ride! I’m glad that the faith her teammates put in her worked wonders, even before they saw it succeed. I felt her happiness when Yami gave her a pat on the head and praised her! Their captain is truly a good guy, though he’s rough most of the time. And he suddenly throws people out into the deep, scary ocean… Anyway, good job Noelle! 

Excited people: Isn’t it interesting how the underwater people were friendly and excitable, just like Kahono? This is probably one of the few cases I know where a mysterious place treated outsiders as visitors instead of intruders. It was very refreshing, especially when they were quite eager to know stuff about the outside world. I was actually enjoying how welcoming they were until they implied that they willingly sent the Black Bulls to the High Priest, knowing they’ll die there! Oh man, now I’m wondering what happened to their last guests from 10 years ago. And, what if Kahono was just encouraging Noelle so their squad could fall into their trap?

A game: Guessing the Underwater Temple is just full of happy people who secretly want outsiders dead. I mean, even the High Priest acted like a fun, crazy fellow, but he was trying to get the Black Bulls killed in some way or another! It’s just a good thing that the squad’s members are equally crazy, and powerful too! It was so funny watching them be grouped into the sane ones (Asta and Noelle), the violent ones (Luck, Magna, and Gauche) and the lazy ones (Charmy, Finral, and Vanessa)! Too bad they were separated for the temple battle royale. I hope most of them can quickly get to their squad mates to team up and fight against those weird fish mask guys! They’re fighting on enemy territory, after all, so the temple mages have the upper hand! Speaking of, do you guys think Kahono’s one of them? I think some girl’s voice there resembled hers.

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