Black Clover Episode 38 Review: The Magic Knights Captain Conference

The Magic Knight Captains: Gosh, I didn’t think that most of the captains have weird quirks and personalities! Their conference was like a toned down version of the antics in the Black Bulls headquarters, although maybe that’s cause Yami was being the life of the meeting. Somehow I could tell that, while they’re not as tightknit as colleagues are supposed to be and that rivalry between them is not surprising, they all take their duties as captains seriously. That’s why, just like with the three captains helping Yami and his squad out, they’ll willingly work together to defeat their kingdom’s enemies. Or maybe it’s just my wishful thinking. What I am sure of is that, whoever the traitor among them turns out to be, this group of leaders will be greatly disturbed. Not only did they lose Fuegoleon, a valuable captain, to forced retirement, but now another captain, of all people, is a traitor!  Do you anime-only fans have any guesses on who it might be? I think Vengeance is the most suspicious out of all of them, especially when Yami asked if he doesn’t have light magic, then it seemed like Charlotte and Nozel were on to something…

Themes & Trivia

Marx’s hairstyle: Actually, even though Yami called Marx ‘Mushroom Head’, his haircut is actually called the Pageboy. It’s named after the haircut of late medieval page boys, who are the attendants or messengers of nobles. Interestingly, even though Marx is not Julius’ attendant, he’s still serving under the Wizard King (and picking up after him when he suddenly disappears to be an otaku), so it’s quite fitting.

Uchiko Ball: I’ve often seen that ball on a stick that Yami was patting on his sword and always wondered what it was. Apparently, it’s a silk ball that has finely ground stone powder inside, and it’s used to take long-term care of a sword after you use it or before you put it in storage.


While I enjoyed the whole episode (despite the art becoming ridiculous at times, again), what certainly caught my interest was when Asta was asked to break the seal, and the last bit where Julius summoned the captains in the dungeon to tell them what’s going on. At first, I didn’t quite realize the gravity of Asta’s help yet, but once I saw his face when the captains were in front of him, it dawned on me that it was such a huge deal! It makes me terribly excited for what’s going to happen next! That’s why, for those who already know what’s up because they’ve been following the manga, please don’t spoil us anime-only fans!

Who’s the traitor?

We have to wait some days before finding out who the traitor is, but from the looks of it, the revelation won’t be pretty! It’s a good thing I’ll still continue reviewing Black Clover’s last cour this summer!

Do share your thoughts on this episode, or on who you think the traitor is in the comments section! Plus, a lot of shows have come to a close this Spring 2018 season, so you better go read them!

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