Black Clover Episode 34 Review: Light Magic vs. Dark Magic

A new lesson: I couldn’t help but laugh so hard when Yami suddenly decided to teach Asta how to use ki in the middle of a very important fight! It was like having a tutorial in a game, but instead of the player learning when the enemies are still low-leveled, it was during the final boss fight! It didn’t help that Yami was still being attacked while he was teaching Asta, and he was deflecting all of them without even looking! Then again, that’s called teaching by example, I guess? He even used Valtos‘ attempt to help his master as a training ground for Asta! I’m so sorry, but I cackled so loudly when Asta successfully returned his attack to him, right in the gut! Such a pity! On a serious note, at least Asta can now also sense things, just like how the other mages sense mana, despite not having any magic himself! What a very useful technique his captain taught him! He learned it pretty fast, too, which is impressive! 

Themes & Trivia

HenohenomohejiThe drawing on young Yami’s face probably seemed familiar to a lot of you, but you never really knew what it was exactly, until now! It’s a face usually drawn by Japanese children using hiragana characters: he () is an eyebrow, no () is an eye, another he () for the other eyebrow, and another no () for the other eye, a rotated mo () for the nose, one more he () for the mouth, and then ji () for the face. Though, the mouth shown in the storytelling seems like a different character, doesn’t it?

Ki: Originally known as Qi or Ch’i in Chinese, the concept of this is quite broad, especially since it differs from culture to culture. It could refer to the flow of energy, or be the vital force in any living thing.


Ah, thank God,the fight scenes were more dynamic and eye-catching this time around!  There were a lot of hiccups in the art, maybe because they were aiming for the dynamic shots, and I know it’s not easy to have both. I think I prefer this than having amazing art with stiff action scenes, anyway. Besides, there were still some cool visuals, especially whenever Licht was shown to be so scary! I also really liked the flow of the story in this episode as well! The comedic parts never once ruined the momentum of the seriousness, but actually made it more enjoyable, in my opinion! It’s a breath of fresh air, especially since the previous episodes were so dark.

Fight back with your captain!

Licht has dealt more damage to Yami so far. I hope the Black Bulls captain won’t let him get away with just a scratch! Show him what those muscles are for!

Ehem. Anyway, share us your opinions on this episode as well! We also have our other Spring 2018 reviews waiting for you to read them!

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