Black Clover Episode 32 Review: Three-Leaf Sprouts

Enter the Mad Scientist: Actually, I had a hunch that Sally was behind this whole incident. As soon as they showed those huge magic sucking machines last week, even those magic detecting glasses that Baro had, I figured it had Sally written all over it. Turns out that hunch was right, and the kidnapping incident just became a whole lot worse! Aside from the fact that her magic was powerful enough to go against two Magic Knights, she also had the gall to ‘molest’ Asta then and there! That gave me the creeps! I even thought she was going to bite his neck off like a zombie! How crazy can that girl get? If all of his admirers found out about that, they’d surely freak out. Good thing Sister Theresa’s flame magic was effective against her gel salamander and saved Asta!

Mud monster: Is getting turned into a giant, mindless mud monster enough of a punishment for a criminal who manipulated his brother, kidnapped children, took their magic without remorse, and even tried to double-cross his crazy employer? Probably. Honestly, the first thing that came to my mind was the consequence of being so desperate that Baro didn’t even heed Sally’s warnings when he asked for her help. And I’m pretty sure if a repetitive warning came from an insane scientist like her, a lot of us would think twice, right? Well, at least he’s free now. But Asta, Sister Theresa, and the other children are in another pinch! While I can’t believe Gauche just took Marie and left them behind, I also somehow do understand the feeling of wanting your family protected first and foremost, so I can’t really blame him.

Themes & Trivia

Mother TheresaSister Theresa could be a reference to Mother Teresa, one of the most well-known Roman Catholic saints. She was famous for devoting her life to serving the poor and other various charity works.

GolemBaro’s small mud friend and his own transformation into a mud monster resemble a golem, a magically animated creature in Jewish folklore being made out of clay or mud. It has limitless symbolism, and over the centuries it implied war, community, isolation, hope, and despair.


Now that we found out this incident is connected to an even bigger plot, it made me realize that Black Clover always smoothly transitions from one arc to the next. It never seemed forced, nor did they put scenarios that won’t be of help to the main story. From the run-in with Heathe in Saussy Village to exploring the dungeon and getting the ‘treasures’ to the attack on the royal capital and now with this small case, all of them helped in building the plot and moving it forward. These also strengthened the characters and let them learn valuable lessons. The art and animation of this series may not always be perfect, but I will always love the way it’s written.

Come back here, Gauche!

We have to wait another week to know how Asta and Sister Theresa will deal with Mud Baro, Sally, and maybe even Neige, if he’s still okay. I also can’t wait to know if the Black Bulls members will come to their aid, or if they’re just going to send regular mages because that’s what it looked like from the preview.

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