Black Clover Episode 27 Review: Light

We were left hanging at a suspenseful place last week, which was such a pain to wait for! But now that I’ve watched what happened in this latest episode of Black Clover, I’m quite confident to say that the wait was worth it! A satisfying way to end an arc!

Japanese Title: 光


For anyone who would’ve loved to see the fight between the Wizard King and the leader of the terrorists, unfortunately, we didn’t get to see it. So Julius and Asta went back to the capital, assessed the damages with the other Magic Knights, and all vowed to prevent another catastrophe like that from happening again.

Episode Highlights

Blink battle: At first, I thought it was a bummer that the head honcho of the organization disappeared as quickly as he appeared. I was wondering why Julius just let that guy take his captives so easily like that. But then the enemy implied they had a showdown during that short amount of time Asta was blinded (resulting in his arm being aged), and suddenly Julius’ earlier statement made sense (that there’s a power faster than his time magic)! It may have technically ended in a draw, but since the Wizard King was able to damage his opponent, I’d say it was in his favor!

Aftermath: What a disaster that small invasion left in its wake! Damaged property, lots injured and dead, and for what? A trinket? An incredibly important artifact, yes, but still a trinket! I didn’t even notice Fuegoleon was wearing one, and yet the enemy had info on that? Julius’ suspicions that there might be a traitor in their ranks got more likely! Ahh, I’m just really grateful that Fuegoleon was no longer in danger, and it even pushed Leopold to aim to be Wizard King! I also couldn’t help but go ‘Aaww’ when Nozel suddenly left with a character development, upset that he wasn’t able to protect the peace! Looks like he isn’t a captain just for show; he’s hard on himself, and even vowed to take revenge for Fuegoleon! Could it also be possible that they’re actually closer than they seem? Or maybe they were, once. They’re both royals after all! Overall, this mess served as a lesson for the Magic Knights, and the Wizard King himself to better fulfill their duties.

Continuing plans: I was shocked that the Eye of the Midnight Sun had so many members; did each one of them hate the Clover Kingdom? But then I remembered all the discrimination and bias, with the lousy king at the top of them all, and suddenly I’m no longer surprised. I’m now just really curious about the guy who gathered them all together is (They don’t even show his face properly!), and what they’re trying to accomplish. Back then, they mentioned they’re trying to revive a master. Maybe it’s the demon the first Wizard King defeated? Or maybe not.

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