Black Clover Episode 2 Review: The Boys' Promise

Victory and the Promise: Hah! Serves that creepy guy right for messing with these boys! I’m totally glad that Asta finally got his grimoire at that moment, since the look on Revchi’s face was priceless! He thought his magic was so awesome, but it only took one swing of Asta’s sword to render it useless and another to send him flying! I hope he gets taken into custody after that! Speaking of the sword, I got fooled again! I thought Asta’s magic was going to be related to combat, when actually that sword was just a medium for his nullifying magic! Maybe that’s why he didn’t have any obvious powers, huh? Kinda like how Sakura Mikan in Gakuen Alice was only able to find out she had powers when she hung out with other Alice users? That’s such a neat concept! On his own he’d really be powerless, but now he’d be able to protect and support people with this newfound power, especially Yuno! They say they’re competing to see who will become the next Wizard King and fulfill their promise, but I bet we’ll see even more instances where they’ll work together!

Themes & Trivia

Legends: These are stories, perceived as true, though there is little to no evidence proving their validity. They’re usually very old tales born from culture, religion, or rumors. You can learn a lot from them, such as important human values, or just neat info. Some notable legends include King Arthur, Robin Hood, Yamashita’s Treasures, and Bloody Mary.

Friendship: Friends bring out the best in you, just like Asta did with Yuno. They also believe in your capabilities, no matter what, like Yuno with Asta. Having wonderful friends is a great blessing, so remember to thank yours and make it a point to show them that you love them! You’re probably not in a friendly rivalry with them, though, so don’t imitate the present Yuno’s cold attitude towards his best bro!


I really loved this episode! Simple as it was, it focused mainly on the two protagonists’ dynamic, and made me super attached to them. Their relationship gave me another good reason to stick around with the show, aside from its interesting plot line! That animation was also crazy good, especially the part where Asta defeated Revchi! Epic! I’m so excited to see more!

May the best man win!

The preview made me anxious for next week’s episode! The two friends finally take their first steps on being the next Wizard King by enlisting in the Magic Knights! Just thinking about who they’ll meet, what they’ll learn, and what things they’ll experience is making me pumped up!

Let me know in the comments section how you found this episode! It’s such a treat to read your thoughts and opinions! We’re also reviewing other amazing Fall 2017 shows! Do give them a read!

NEXT TIME: To the Royal Capital of the Clover Kingdom! (クローバー王国, 王都へ!)

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