Black Clover Episode 19 Review: Destruction and Salvation

All conclusions to a story have to be explosive, don’t you agree? With this arc of Black Clover, I can definitely say that it closed the curtains with a bang! Literally! Actually, even my heart exploded multiple times due to the emotions and the shock!

Japanese Original Episode Title: 崩壊と救済


If you thought that Asta’s powerful attack using his magic-absorbing sword was truly the end of Mars’ comeback, think again! Boss enemies can’t be defeated that easily! With Asta unconscious because of his surprise wound, and the rest of them still immobilized, defeating the human weapon seemed like a long-shot, much less being able to defend themselves from him!

Episode Highlights

Wounded: Asta got everyone worried when he suddenly collapsed from his wound! I love how everyone fretted over him, but goodness, Luck’s was the best one! Even though his kouhai was already dying, he still wanted to fight him! To be honest though, while I’m not happy that Asta got injured, I thought it was good that he was the one getting saved this time. Not only by Mimosa, but all his allies wanted to help him! They established that he won’t always be able to beat the bad guy because he’s not OP! It also showed that his bonds with everyone contrasted Mars’ loner status, especially since his only friend died by his hands.

Mars and Fana: Most adults and the government always seem to ruin everything, even innocent children’s dreams! Fana just wanted to serve her beloved country and the people living in it! Mars just wanted to go outside with Fana! But no! They were forced to fight to the death in order to become the perfect mage warrior! That bloodbath definitely caused Mars’ personality to twist so much, as he seemed like such a soft-hearted boy compared to how he is now! That’s why Fana took the initiative to attack him and catch him by surprise so he’d act in self-defense because she knew he wouldn’t attack her on his own! Even when she was dying, she took the effort to heal his wounds and even continued to encourage him! She wanted him to win, but at what cost! Oh, my heart! No wonder Mars seemed as if he’s so full of anger behind his nonchalant expressions!

Upgrade! I panicked so much when Mars was about to attack Mimosa and Asta, and nobody else could do anything about it! Even when Yuno managed to break free, he knew he was still going to be too late! But then, tadah! Suddenly he acquired a new skill, along with a fairy familiar…? I wonder if that was the spirit of the scroll he looked into, or his grimoire’s. She looked cute, but pretty powerful, breaking Mars’ crystal sword and Mars himself with only one breath! Definitely, an awesome new trick for Yuno! The best part was that even Asta’s grimoire got an upgrade, thanks to the new sword becoming a new spell! Guess the two bros really did get the treasures in the dungeon without them knowing: Yuno with the scroll, Asta with the sword! How amazing is it that they’re getting stronger together!

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