Black Clover Episode 14 Review: Dungeon

Black Clover is one of the leftovers from the previous season and Episode 14 is the first of its second anime cour. I couldn’t be any happier to get more of it! Especially since the start of this new arc looks really interesting! I have high hopes for where the story leads us next, as well as the characters it’ll be focusing on!

Japanese Original Episode Title: 魔宮[ダンジョン]


As reported by Julius’ subordinate previously, a dungeon suddenly appeared, filled with a lot of important magical items in danger of being taken by the Diamond Kingdom! That’s where the Wizard King’s nerd discoveries came in because he specifically chose Asta to go on this mission! Guess that’s another person who believes in our protagonist! However, even with Noelle and Luck with him, a place chock full of traps could prove difficult to explore! There’d be a lot of surprises to watch out for, maybe even an old friend suddenly appearing!

Episode Highlights

Naming the anti-bird: Looks like the bird frequenting Asta’s head became a permanent member of the Black Bulls! I think Nero fits in really nicely with them because he’s such a quirky bird. I also like how the squad members got featured with all their ridiculousness once again, but somehow they feel much closer than before! Surprisingly, despite his personality, only Luck gave a good suggestion for the bird’s name. No wonder Nero liked it immediately!

New mission: Oooooh, Asta got noticed by senpai! I mean, the Wizard King! Plus, the mission he was chosen for is a really big deal! No wonder he got so excited and starting yelling! I probably would too, if I were in his shoes! We don’t know yet whether that means the big boss trusts he can do it, or if he wanted to test him, but it’s still something to celebrate. That is until Asta realized just how dangerous the dungeon he had to explore is, and how important it is to be able to detect mana in there. Good thing Noelle and their new leader, Luck, were with him, as they can both sense mana! Then again, the same leader who was supposed to protect them started pranking them with the dangerous traps for fun, and eventually left them to fend for themselves! Welp. On a side note, that short flashback of Yami and the Wizard King when they were younger looks pretty intriguing, huh? Could he have been the one to discover Yami’s potential?

Luck Voltia: Something tells me that there’s more to this ‘psycho’ that meets the eye. First of all, since the captain himself commended his skill, going so far as comparing it to nobles, surely he’s not all talk and no show! The way his demeanor suddenly changed when he was detecting someone else’s presence, that looked really cool and scary, like he really could kill a guy! Plus, I know he has a crazy personality, but for some reason, I don’t think he abandoned his kouhais for no good reason. He’s a Magic Knight under Yami’s supervision, after all! If the person he sensed is really all that powerful, then he might’ve gone off to stop them by himself in order to protect his kouhais! That, or he’s just really looking for a fight. Could be both, right? That’s hitting two birds with one stone! Although, maybe it’s just Yuno and the others that he sensed?

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