[:en]Birthstone Kit Kats Offer Yummy Flavors & Divine Protection!


Did you know that carrying something with your birthstone grants you divine protection and good fortune? Now that you do, it’s the perfect opportunity to introduce the newest Kit Kat candy series!

Based on a unique and indulgent concept, the Kit Kat Chocolatory Birthstone Series will release gorgeous and limited edition bars with a color scheme and flavor profile themed after the birthstone of the month it’s releasing. Each one is topped with a dollop of chocolate and mini sugar pearls that resemble the stone itself!

Topaz Kit Kat

The first entry in the series released Nov. 1, meaning topaz is the name of the game! It has a soft and creamy appearance and boasts a rich chestnut flavor!

With a wide range of blessings, flavors, and appearances, these Kit Kat bars are the perfect present to yourself and especially to friends, family, lovers, and others you’re close with! It won’t be surprising when someone takes one crisp bite and closes their eyes in pleasure; the Kit Kat Chocolatory is a specialty Kit Kat shop supervised by renowned chef Takagi Yasumasa. The level of consideration that goes into ingredients and recipes makes these Kit Kat bars premium candies!

Unfortunately, since only one unique bar is released per month, those not born in November will have to wait for theirs! But in the meantime, you can take a look at the upcoming ones below and mark which ones you’ll want to snag for yourself and others~

December – Tanzanite – Beniimo Flavor
January – Garnet – Raspberry Flavor
February – Amethyst – Honeysuckle
March – Aquamarine – Grapefruit Mint
April – Diamond – Rum Raisin
May – Emerald – Pistachio
June – Blue Moonstone – Coconut
July – Ruby – Tomato
August – Peridot – Lemon
September – Sapphire – Blueberry
October – Tourmaline – Peach

How did you find your own Birthstone Kit Kat? With so many delicious looking flavors, it’ll be hard to resist indulging in some other months’ beautiful birthstones!

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