Baccano! Series Review

A warning, though! There’s quite a lot of violence: blood, gore, and all. For some reason, I was still able to enjoy it despite not usually being comfortable with this level of violence. That’s why, if you’re not used to blood and fingers flying everywhere, then you might wanna check it out first if you can handle it.

Art & Music

Adding more to this bizarre piece of work was the quality of the art. If I could describe it in one sentence, I’d say the visuals made me feel like I was in the anime myself! The backgrounds made me feel like I was really there! The character designs were so charming and appealing! The art style and animations properly conveyed each of the cast’s quirkiness, especially their emotions, both of which I think are very important in this kind of show. I truly felt like each part of the visual aesthetics were carefully made and with passion!

The voice-acting was a surprise for me. The Japanese dub was amazing, which you’d think is common of anime shows, but Baccano!’s was even more! There’s also an English dub, which was my second surprise: it was actually good! This is a huge advantage in itself because, as something set in America, you don’t have to imagine the characters talking in English like they should have been. We also have the musical scores, which are just as fun as the story it’s complementing! They add so much to the atmosphere of each scene, which makes the whole thing even more enjoyable!

Themes & Trivia

Light novel: The reason why Baccano! and Durarara!! are so similar is because they’re both written by Narita Ryōgo. Actually, they’re also in the same universe which the fans call ‘Naritaverse.’ As of August 10, 2016, Baccano! has 22 volumes, 4 of which have been licensed in English. There were some differences between the light novel and the anime, but the biggest is that the novel has a linear narrative, each book focusing on one event in a specific year.

Immortality: This is one of the central themes in the show, and also one of the causes for the chaos. People generally want to live long lives, so scientists in our world today are looking for a lot of ways to prevent aging and natural death. The alchemists in Baccano! however, have found a way to make themselves immune to death! They can’t die even if you kill them violently, nor will they permanently lose their body parts even if you chop them off!

Crime syndicates: Mafias, Camorras, small gangs, even a pair of thieves, they’re all running the show! These groups were rampant in America during the 1900s like in the series, so it’s no wonder the story revolves around their members.


I actually wanted more after I watched Baccano! the first time…and the second time…and the third time. I feel like I may watch it again a few months from now! Seriously, this is the most beautiful mess I have ever witnessed. I’m so glad I gave this a try, Now, it’s one of my favorite shows! I hope someday the anime makes a comeback, so the other novels get animated too! I deliberately spoiled myself on the rest of the misadventures as I’ve yet to get a hold of the novels, and I would love to watch the events come alive! 


  • The non-linear storytelling was fantastically executed
  • Superbly conceptualized characters, making them unforgettable!
  • Each episode is jam-packed with fun, excitement and surprises! Nothing boring here!
  • Visual aesthetics, voice-acting and soundtracks are all awesome as well, matching the story greatly!

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