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Attack on Titan Season Two Review (Anime)

Attack on Titan Season Two was one of the biggest anime to air last season, and it gripped the world once more as truths came to light. Leaving fans with more questions than answers, it’s a good thing that a third season is in the works! There was nothing stopping these twelve episodes from being an exhilarating ride, though.


Following on directly from the events of the first season, season two ramps up the struggle for survival with betrayal, new types of titans and a hint at what the titans truly are. Side-characters get more time in the spotlight with Connie, Sasha and Ymir receiving a lot more development, and Eren’s burning hatred for the titans hasn’t changed. Despite the four year break, WIT Studio has made it so that the two seasons flawlessly come together, and the wait was worth it.


attack on titan season two review


The wait was worth it.

It’s amazing to see an anime, which had previously only aired for one season, come back after such a long break and grab the interest of the world all over again. People wanted to know more about these characters and its bleak world, and those who are avid anime fans and those who are casual watchers came together to see what author Hajime Isayama came up with. It’s not a disappointment by any means, but don’t expect much to be wrapped up just yet. There’s a wealth of content yet to be explored, and season two is just a very good chunk of it.


attack on titan season two review


Renowned for its spectacular animation back in 2013, Attack on Titan looks just as jaw-dropping now as it did then. Some of the CGI implemented can sometimes seem a bit iffy, but it’s sparsely used. The 2D animation is vibrant, expressive and absolutely gorgeous to look at, and some of the deaths are stomach-churning. WIT has done brilliantly in capturing the fear, determination and urgency of the narrative, and there are some truly stunning scenes. Episodes 6 and 12 in particular are superb, and the handling of some big reveals is masterful.


attack on titan season two review


WIT has done brilliantly in capturing the fear, determination and urgency of the narrative.

Now, I understand how beloved the first opening theme of the first season, Guren no Yumiya by Linked Horizon, is, but I think the same group’s efforts with Shinzou wo Sasageyo is even better. It boasts an equally as excellent ending theme, and the soundtrack in general does justice for the worldwide popular anime. The voice talent from four years ago reprise their roles here, with Bryce Papenbrook’s Eren Jaeger leading the crew. They put in the emotion that’s necessary for Attack on Titan to succeed, and the casting is yet again proven to be correct.


attack on titan season two review


Picking up Attack on Titan Season Two is a no brainer if you enjoyed the first season, and it’s worth checking out from the beginning if you haven’t yet. The worldwide phenomenon has earned its fame, and I’m eagerly anticipating the third season. I may be mostly caught up on the manga, but the adaptation is done so well that it’s exciting to witness it all over again. Attack on Titan only keeps on getting better.

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