Attack on Titan Episode 40 Review: Old Story

Season 3 of Attack on Titan turns out to be a deep political thriller. As the conspiracies are coming closer to the light and the suspense of the characters is getting more intense, I have no idea what to expect from now on.

Japanese Original Episode Title: 昔話


In a flashback, Historia tells the Scouts the story of her upbringing on the Reiss estate in the region of Wall Rose. She mentions her relationship with her mother, how she got executed in front of her eyes, and how she started living as Krista Lenz. In the present, Lord Reiss is telling Historia that she has royal blood and that she is the only one that can save humanity. Hange explains to the Scouts that Eren will be eaten by another Titan to acquire his powers if they don’t hurry up and save him. Meanwhile, Erwin is having a meeting with Pyxis and suggests him to take part in his plan of overthrowing the government by making Historia the new Queen. Pyxis agrees and Erwin starts telling him how his father was murder after sharing his thoughts on the way society was established within the walls. Later on, the Military Police frame him and the Scouts for the murder of Reeves, and after putting Hange in command, he surrenders to them. The whole Scout Regiment is captured and Levi and his squad that are hiding outside the city, are trying to think of a way to save Eren and Historia.

Episode Highlights

Poor Historia: Her mother was the worst. She didn’t even acknowledge her daughter’s existence and the only thing she ever told her was that she shouldn’t have given birth to her… What the hell was wrong with her? You can’t tell that to a young child. It’s guaranteed that you will f*ck up her whole life. I know that it’s mean to say this, but honestly, Kenny finally did something good.

Hange took her frustration on the table: I actually laughed a bit there and I loved how she said to Levi: ‘There was a cockroach’ and he just went with it and said: ‘Just one kick of yours should have blasted it to bits’. I love these two.

Erwin is the man: I adore him and his coolness. He is always so calm and collected whatever happens (unless he is in a battle where his eyebrows are going berserk). He doesn’t even have his right hand and he still manages to be so cool. Wants to overthrow the government? Casually talks about it with his Commander like there is no problem. Gets blamed for murder? Goes to the crime scene and accepts it like a boss and then he tries to throw some shade on the Military Police in front of everyone but still doing it in a very composed manner. He is so great.

Themes & Trivia

Intelligent Titans: An Intelligent Titan (someone with the power to transform) is conceived when a Pure Titan lacking intelligence consumes another Intelligent Titan. By consuming it, it gains consciousness as well as the consumed Titan’s powers. That’s how Ymir got her human form and that’s why Reiner was throwing the Titans at Eren in order to eat him and gain his ability to control Titans with his scream.

The derps: I don’t know who is doing this but I have to admit that he is bloody awesome. Here you can find all the derp faces in the background from the previous episode but if you look for it you can find one for each episode. Genius.


Oh God, I just realized something. In the previous episode, I was speculating who exactly were the people that Sannes mentioned that were killed in order to ‘protect the peace’ and as you can see I was right about Erwin’s father and Historia’s mother. But it just hit me now that the couple that tried to fly is probably Armin’s parents who decided to go travel around the world. Mind-blowing? I know…

Also, I like how the ending is illustrated as the book that Historia’s mother was reading or at least some sort of book. It gives it a very nice touch along with the music and the song. And one more thing… Pyxis looks like the Monopoly guy in that shot.

‘My father was killed by human greed’

The Smith family deserves a round of applause. Erwin’s dad was killed just because he believed that the real reason for preserving peace within the walls was to protect the land and property of the wealthy, not humanity. I am so thrilled to see what’s going to follow.


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