Are you Hyped for FMA IRL?

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Hey guys!  Akibento’s November theme is Revival, and one of the featured anime is Fullmetal Alchemist.  So, let’s revive some interest in the FMA live action movie that’s supposed to be coming out very soon!

It was officially announced for production back in May 2016, and I have been beyond excited ever since!  Especially since the trailer came out in November of last year.  That’s right, I’ve been on the edge of my seat for well over a year, and the wait shouldn’t be too much longer.  Because the movie’s official release date in Japan is December 1st of this year!

However, what really got me excited was a panel I attended at Anime Expo back in July.  For those in attendance, the panel’s hosts showed a several minutes long montage preview of the movie.  And let me tell you, I thought the graphics shown were amazing.  You know those alchemy-induced rolling cobblestone streets we see in the original FMA?  Totally in the movie!!  It was amazing.

And from what I saw, Ryosuke Yamada makes an excellent Edward Elric.  They didn’t give too much away with that preview, but we did get to see a shot of Yamada as Ed running.  And you know how Ed has as iconic a run as Captain Jack Sparrow?  Yamada copies it to a T!  And any actor who puts that much effort into something as specific as weird running wins my instant and abundant appreciation.

So, yeah, as someone who has been a fan of FMA since high school, I am beyond excited for this movie!  And to keep you hyped with me, I give you the magical trailer released one year ago.


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