Are Idol Anime Seiyuu’s Just 2.5D Waifu’s?

So you’ve finished watching that idol anime, you’ve listened to the songs in the anime, and now you want to see and hear more of it. What do you do? You look up other songs, the seiyuu’s and the live concerts! You get attached to the seiyuu’s and you think… huh? She’s cute because she voices my favorite anime idol, so she’s my real life idol waifu, right?

HELL YEA SHE IS… Unless you’re like me, who likes the seiyuu more than the character she voices. (Not saying I don’t like the character, I just like another character slightly more).

But why 2.5D? Well, that’s because part of them is portrayed through the voices of the characters in the anime, and the other part is the seiyuu at real life events.


So here are my top 3 favorite idol seiyuu’s. ***DISCLAIMER: All of them are from Love Live since I am more attached to them than others. Ehe~***

ALSO, all the Love Live Seiyuu’s have nicknames given to them by each other so I will be referring them by their nicknames.

3. Anju Inami. Nickname: Anchan. CV for Chika Takami of Love Live! Sunshine!!

Born February 7, 1996. Before she did Love Live, she was part of stage plays. One of them being the Naruto stage play where she played as Ino Yamanaka. She was also part of the Danganronpa stage play as Ibuki Mioda. Just like her Love Live character, she also likes mikan (lit. tangerines). Even though she’s the 2nd youngest of the Sunshine cast, it does not stop her from being a great leader for everyone. Her leadership really showed during the Aqours First Love Live! when Riko Sakurauchi’s seiyuu, Rikyako, broke down during her piano solo. Anchan immediately rushed to Rikyako’s side to comfort her.

Anchan with her hair braided.

Here’s a rare Anchan with glasses (she’s sooo kawaii with them).


2. Yoshino Nanjou. Nicknames: Nanjolno/Nan-chan. CV for Eli Ayase of Love Live! School Idol Project.

Born July 12, 1984. She’s the eldest of the original Love Live cast. Despite her character, Eli, being the tallest of μ’s, Nan-chan is actually the shortest of the cast. She’s the current lead vocalist of fripSide, a Japanese anisong band. She replaced their old vocalist Nao. Her most iconic song of the band is “Only My Railgun” which is the opening to A Certain Scientific RailgunBesides voicing Eli of Love Live, she also voices Maaya Awatsuki of Railgun, Shirabe Tsukuyomi of Symphogear, and Kiria Kurono of Tokyo Mirage Sessions. She wasn’t able to participate in a few Love Live concerts due to her knee problem and her tours with fripSide, but tried to perform as much as possible during the μ’s Final Love Live.

Despite her being 32… She does not look it at all… SHE’S FOREVER 17!

Like how is it even possible?!?! So cute.


AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST MY BABY!!! *Ahem* My number one.

***WARNING: Major bias on this one. This will be long.***

1. Shuka Saitou. Nickname: Shukashuu. CV for You Watanabe of Love Live! Sunshine!!

Born August 16, 1996. She’s the youngest of the Sunshine cast and the most energetic. She did dance before getting her role in Love Live. During her audition for the Sunshine cast, she danced Honoka’s part for Bokura wa Ima no Naka de. (I believe all the Sunshine cast auditioned for Love Live because they enjoyed some form of Love Live). She puts great emphasis on her height, it’s 150.5cm. That 0.5 is extremely important to her. During the Aqours First Love! Shukashuu showed off her amazing dance skills during the break of Yozora wa Nandemo Shitteru no? And at the end of the encore when all the seiyuu’s are greeting everybody, Shukshuu was the first one to run down the runway leaving everyone trailing behind showing off her energetic youth self (Note that this was at the very end of the live, after all the songs they sang to and danced to).

Shukashuu holding the Singing Award for Seiyuu Awards.

Here’s some random cute pictures of Shukashuu (I don’t have a problem…)

I don’t have a problem guys… I swear…

Here’s her hugging Uchichi, the mascot of Izu-Mito Sea Paradise.

This one is Shukashuu with Anchan.

She is part of the Aqours subunit CYaRon! If you switch the Y and R in the name, you get Crayon. The group consists of Chika- Anchan, You- Shukshuu, and Ruby- Ai Furihata (or better known as Furirin/Aiai). Anyways, here’s their infamous “sexy home tutor” skit which gave birth to the EHE~ and EHE~’s of the world:


That’s pretty much the best of Shukashuu I could come up with… for now… Anyways, I had to talk about the concerts for each seiyuu’s bio because they did perform in them and we are talking about idols. Ehe~

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