Anime Title Review: Bleach

A classic to the world of anime alongside the recently Fairy Tail as well as the ongoing series One Piece, Bleach is a series that is very much worth the 366 episodes commitment. The manga ended in 2016 with a total of 74 volumes which unfortunately didn’t get a complete anime adaptation as the 366 episode mark is the ending of volume 54, leaving a lot more story beyond what was given in the anime.

Bleach has several different arcs to the timeline that, although there a few that may be skipped, it is recommended to watch all of them as they do shine some light on characters you don’t usually get to know more about in the main storyline.


Well, it begins with an introduction to the life of a young fifteen year old student named Ichigo Kurosaki that, for the entirety of his life, has had the ability to communicate with wandering spirits, filling his life with much excitement. Interestingly enough, his father and two younger sisters are completely aware of his ability, one of the sisters even being able to see them as well while the other can faintly hear or sense them but has no sight for them. The first episode is very introductory and does well with presenting the series as a comedy as well as a story with a sad background as Ichigo’s mother’s death is very much indicated to have some sort of hidden secret to his abilities.

We later meet Rukia Kuchiki, a mysterious young girl that dresses in black and wields a long sword which is revealed to be her zanpakuto, a sword with special abilities depending on the wileder, the Soul Reapers. Suddenly Ichigo’s world is thrown into the middle of danger as the spirits are not only beings wandering unseen by humans. Ichigo and Rukia form an alliance during desperate times and then begins a long journey as the world of the Soul Reapers and the human with special abilities join together to protect the humans and spirits from the evil beings known as Hollows.


The anime is a show that does take some commitment to watch, and I do admit you will find yourself watching episodes that seem to drag on, but overall the series will have you falling in love with the heroes, the villains, and even the zanpakutos as they grow alongside their wielders. The show very much revolves around Ichigo, but you’ll find that the lives of all the other characters are just as important and explored. If you find yourself finishing the series and wanting to continue the manga from where the anime leaves it at, begin manga volume 54 chapter 480 to continue Ichigo’s journey alongside his friends.

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