Anime Like Shimoneta: A Boring World Where Dirty Jokes Don’t Exist

While Japan was once the pit of sexual depravity, new morality laws and the Peace Making system used to monitor the populace has seen Japan rise to the peaks of public morality. With all lewdness censored to the point that children do not know how babies are made, an infamous erotic terrorist named Blue Snow has risen. One day, average high schooler and son of an infamous erotic terrorist himself, Tanukichi Okuma, is saved by Blue Snow on his way to his new high morality high school, only to be drawn into her new erotic terrorist organization, SOX.

If you’ve not seen it, this show is exactly as it sounds. It is a near-nonstop barrage of dirty jokes and perverted situations. 12 episode of it. It takes a hardened ecchi fan to appreciate that amount of lewdness, but if you need something more, than these anime recommendations can provide.

For Fans of Extreme Ecchi

Prison School

The Hachimitsu Private Academy has always been a prestigious all-girls school that is prized for its high quality education and ridged discipline. However, they are now accepting boys as well as girls. With a mere five boys in the schools, they think they are the luckiest men in the world. That is, until they get caught peeping and have their personal freedoms taken away in the brutal prison below the school.

If there were two shows that could only be described as “extreme ecchi,” it would be Shimoneta and Prison School. There are dirty jokes just berating you at every single moment to the point where it becomes uncomfortable except for the most hardened ecchi fans. So much kink packed in to such a short amount of airtime.

noucome anime


Kanade Amakusa’s high school life should have been normal. Instead, he is cursed with Absolute Choice. This curse means that every so often, he will be forced to make a choice, unfortunately, both choices are often completely terrible and completely public.

Shimoneta actually has a plot, believe it or not. However, Noucome has a very, very flimsy one. Instead, it prefers to focus on comedy that, while often perverted, isn’t always so. Both shows are excellent comedies with various levels of ecchi.

b gata h kei anime

B Gata H Kei

Yamada is beautiful and just entering high school, but she has one strange goal – to have casual sex with 100 men. The problem is that she is afraid of being teased for being a virgin. Upon happenstance, she stumbles upon a solution to her problem, the soft-spoken (also virgin) Kosuda. The problem is, he knows nothing about sex and is a shy gentleman about it.

Perversion. Both shows are all about it. Shimoneta goes to great lengths to pile it on, but B Gata H Kei allows it to be woven in there a little more organically. Both shows are about perversion and dirty jokes which makes for excellent pervert comedy without a whole lot of fan service.

syd anime


Ousai Private Academy used to be an all-girls school, but Takatoshi Tsuda is among one of the first male students. However, on his way to class, he is stopped by the student president who needs a male’s point of view in order to better accommodate new male students. As such, she ends up making him the vice president of the student council. However, this seemingly upstanding institution is not quite what it seems.

While Shimoneta leaves this plot line behind at the end, like SYD, it was about the student council for awhile. In it, you have a student council that is not what it seems at a glance. Instead, you have student council members obsessed with dirty jokes in both shows.

For Fans of Brave Rebels

anime series like kill la kill

Kill la Kill

After the murder of her father, Ryuuko Matoi scours the land searching for his killer. Her only lead is the missing half of his invention – the Scissor Blade. On her search, she is lead to the prestigious Honnouji Academy that is ruled by the iron-fisted student council president Satsuki Kiryuuin and her Elite Four. These students rule with their “uniforms” that bestow upon them supernatural powers. Ryuuko Matoi is convinced that they know something about her father’s death, but to face them, she needs a uniform of her own.

Kill la Kill, of course, takes its plot much more seriously than Shimoneta, but it certainly has its elements of randomness and silliness to it because it is somewhat a parody series. However, the key difference here is that Shimoneta brings attention to every lewd situation while in Kill la Kill, it has perversion but doesn’t draw focus to it. You also have a similar element of the student president having a large amount of control over the student body.

punch line

Punch Line

Yuuta Iridatsu is your average high school kid, except that he faints when he sees a girl’s panties. However, on a chance encounter with a vigilante fighter called Strange Juice, his soul gets separated from his body. Not only does this allow him to go on panty adventures unseen, but it may make him the key to saving the world.

Both shows follow really strange vigilantes. Furthermore, they both happen to be a bit heavy on the dirty jokes. However, while Shimoneta is crazed, Punch Line and its plot delve deep into insanity in its levels of randomness.

library wars anime

Library Wars

In future Japan, the Media Enhancement Law has set to work censoring all books and media. To combat this, the Library Defense Force was created to protect books from censorship. This is the tale of Kasahara Iku, the first woman to join the force and her motivation to protect the books she loves.

Censorship in any form is wrong, whether it be lewdness or the freedom of speech. Both of these shows are about fighting censorship, but they operate at different levels of seriousness. Library Wars has a serious anime plot while Shimoneta, despite having a similar message, carries it out through nonstop dirty jokes.

For Fans of Prohibitive Governmental Laws

love and lies anime

Love and Lies

In order to encourage successful marriages and to combat the low birthrate, the Japanese government now assigns marriage partners at the age of 16. Unwilling to face the severe repercussions that come with denial, Yukari Nejima goes along with it, despite confessing to his long-time crush. However, is his reciprocated love doomed to be crushed when he gets his marriage notice?

Both shows are about the government intervening in love and sex. In Shimoneta, the censorship of lewdness has made it so young people don’t know what love is, or confuse love for lust. In Love and Lies, the government controls who you marry and thus it interferes with natural love that is often beyond our understanding. In both shows, there are those that dare to fight back.

chocolate underground anime

Chocolate Underground

In order to promote good health, chocolate and other sweets have been banned. However, two teenage boys are determined to each chocolate again and begin their search for chocolate bootleggers.

While in no way perverted, Chocolate Underground and Shimoneta share the similarity of being about young rebels in a repressed, highly government controlled society. In both shows the government controls things that governments shouldn’t have any control over, but both shows have people fighting back.

These anime recommendations are sure to please, but perhaps not in the same way as Shimoneta. However, if you have any more anime recommendations for Shimoneta, leave them down in the comments section below.

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