Anime Film Festival Tokyo 2017 Tickets Now Up for Preorder!

This October, the Anime Film Festival Tokyo 2017 will be held in various movies theaters around Shinjuku. The pre-order lottery opened on September 2 via the TicketPay system, and can be applied for until 11:59 pm on September 18. But no worries – if you find out on September 21 that you didn’t win the ballot, general ticket sales start at 10:00 am on September 30.

This film festival isn’t limited to just movie showings, but also includes live music performances, collaboration cafes and events, character parades, original goods, and an information center!

In honor of 2017 being the 100th anniversary of the creation of anime in Japan, there will be a series of “heritage” showings featuring classic anime, as well as events featuring popular staff and cast members for various anime.

The theaters involved are TOHO Cinemas Shinjuku, Shinjuku Wald 9, Shinjuku Piccadilly, K’s cinema, [email protected] Shinjuku, Kadokawa Cinema Shinjuku, and Theatre Shinjuku. The film festival will run from Friday, October 13 to Sunday, October 15.

There are some special events such as the very first showing of “Yowamushi Pedal: Re: GENERATION,” including a stage greeting by Yamashita Daiki, the voice of Onoda Sakaimichi, and Kishio Daisuke, the voice of Teshima Junta.

You can find the list of featured anime and their theaters below.

Shinjuku Cinemas Shinjuku:
An all-night cheering showing of “Yowamushi Pedal Re:RIDE/Re:ROAD/Re:GENERATION” in honor of the limited run of “Yowamushi Pedal Re:GENERATION”
All-night showing of “Fate” in honor of the opening of “Fate/stay night:Heaven’s Feel”
“Detective Conan: Morota de Kaito! Tonight is an all-night Hattori Heiji selection!!”
Anime Heritage Showing 2: “Astro Boy”/”8 Man”/”Wolf Boy Ken”/”Big X”/”Space Ace”
This showing is of the first episode of each show and includes a talk show by the anime and special effects critic Hikawa Ryusuke.
“Dorifesu! R”

Shinjuku Wald 9:
Anime Heritage Showing 1: “The Tale of the White Serpent”
This is Japan’s very first long color manga film and will be shown as the first movie to mark the opening of Anime Film Festival Tokyo 2017.
“Ikemen Sengoku◆Toki wo Kakeru ga Koi wa Hajimaranai”
“Mob Psycho 100”
“Pop In Q” with commentary and talk show
“Cardcaptor Sakura”

Shinjuku Piccadilly:
“Kuroko no Basuke: Last Game”
“Infini-T Force”
“Mobile Suit Gundam 00”

K’s cinema:
“Shounen Ashibe: Go! Go! Goma-chan”

[email protected] Shinjuku:
“Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun” (“Cleanliness Boy! Aoyama-kun”)

Kadokawa Cinema Shinjuku:
“Valvrave the Liberator”

Theatre Shinjuku:

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