Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion Episode 3 Review: Time to Strike

More war happens. Many die. Some are still bitter about what happened in the previous episode where more people died. It’s not very exciting.

Japanese Original Episode Title: 攻め時


Jinzaburou takes advantage of the opportunity given to him and once more tries to make himself into someone respectful like he once was. Wearing the armor that Sou Sukekuni had given him to his adopted son’s great disappointment, he decides to lead the army of leftovers against the hordes of Mongols invading the island. There’s like 80 soldiers left but Jinzaburou is determined that they can win against they Mongols as they really too much their numbers are not taking their job seriously. Kind of like a guy with a huge penis. Anyway, back on the p-ugh, episode, yeah, they fight against the Mongols, kinda drive them back, then take a small overnight break. When Teruhi comes to offer some food and words of encouragement (but mostly words of encouragement) to her people, Jinzaburou announces that they’re gonna be doing a raid overnight, when the moon reaches its prime. Strategically, this makes sense; who the hell fights in the dark and the local obviously have an advantage since they know the area better. The raid begins but something’s not right…

Episode Highlights

Measly, miserable animation: Call me crazy but I think that the main point of watching anime, ESPECIALLY ACTION BASED ANIME, is admiring the drawing skill of Japanese animators to its full potential through elaborate battle scenes that have so much beautiful work put on them that even if you have no experience in the genre you say ‘damn, this is some good stuff’. I’ve had enough of lowly productions that interpret complex movements with inanimate shots of nothingness.

Random tree person: So here’s this badass historical guy, and this other important guy, his name is this and this, and then… yeah, there’s this kid that likes to climb on trees. He’s not that important.

Glorification of violence: That’s a complicated subject to pick on (especially since I’ve watched and enjoyed some really graphic stuff and still do) so I’m just gonna touch this real lightly here: there are different methods to illustrate violence in media, and there’s definitely a good and a bad one. Angolmois is definitely not doing great so far. The protagonist who is supposed to be seen as a hero is nothing but a bloodthirsty monster to me, who gets off at rolling heads. Nope.

Themes & Trivia

Token female character: I really don’t like Princess Teruhi’s character. I feel like it has a strong people-pleasing attribute to it – she’s attractive, easily infatuated with the protagonist and practically useless, but at the same time, she’s ‘allowed’ some yelling and bossing around and some waving of her bow, all of which the show could completely do without. Opposite examples of actually good female warrior anime characters that are not being tokenized: Motoko Kusanagi, Mikasa Ackerman, Annie Leonhart, Izumi Curtis, Olivia Armstrong, Re-I Mayer, Michiko Malandro, Atsuko Jackson. Recognise. Also, I’m pretty sure that out of the whole Sou clan characters, she’s the only one that is entirely fictional. What a bummer.

Polygyny in Japan: I learned something today – in ancient times group-marriage was the custom in Japan. The clans held together, and there was but little marriage outside of the group. Concubinage seems to have been an institution in the early primitive period. I had no idea.

I think I gave up now.

Yeah, I don’t think this show is getting any better, and it bores the hell out of me.

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NEXT TIME: Back to the Capital (国府へ)

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