After the Rain Episode 5 Review: The Scent of Rain

At this point, it’s safe to say that I want this show to go on forever. It is just so calming and cute and I wouldn’t mind following Akira and Tencho through their life. Especially if they are accompanied by all the other cute characters surrounding them, who came a bit short in this episode, given the fact that we got to know some things about them. These things make me at least want to find out how things are going for them. Let’s take a closer look at Episode 5 of After the Rain (Koi wa Ameagari no You ni), should we?

Japanese Title: 香雨 (Kouu)

Episode 5 – The Scent of Rain

Yuto has come back to the restaurant to show his dad his new hamster. But it’s his day off and everybody is worried about the little boy walking to his dad’s house all alone, so Akira volunteers to take him back. For one, her shift is almost over anyway, and for two, she really wants to see his house… When they arrive, Tencho appears to have gone out but his appartement was unlocked. Yuto goes in and says that he is hungry, which is why Akira makes him something with the few things that are in the fridge. When Yuto hears the steps of his dad outside, he suggests they prank him and hide Akira in the wardrobe. While Akira hides, it gets really hot inside and she only storms out when she is on the brink of fainting. It results in a panicked Yuto, who spills tea over her shirt when he tries to help her, and a confused Tencho, who doesn’t know where to look and if he can wash her clothes with his…


Yuto is a Cutie Pie

Maybe it is not of concern for most people, but he is such a well behaved little boy! I have seen little boys call their mother ‘ugly witch’ in the middle of the street multiple times now and have to duck away from 10-20 elementary school kids every morning, when they sprint out of the train, because nobody seems to think it is dangerous when they run with full speed through a crowded train station. So, I think he is delightful and great and cute and I love him. Please teach your children to be like him, Japan! Even though he accepted a hamster he can’t keep, I think he did well and listens well. So cute.

Relationship Dreams Coming True

Akira not only gets to see the house of her darling, she also sees how her shoes would look standing next to his at the entrance (as a bonus there are a child’s shoes as well!) and she gets to wear the oversized shirt of her crush. Be still my heart! On top of all those little things, she also gets to be jealous of all the other people and even shows her feelings to Tencho, when she gets angry at him for talking to all the other people about the hamster but not with her… It was cute and shows how simple things make you happy or unhappy when you are in love.

Tsubu the Hamster

I love all things cute, so of course I adore the hamster. How he eats the lettuce is cute, how he looks is cute and the issue he creates between Akira and her beloved Tencho is also cute.

Culture Lesson

Studying with Books

In this episode there is a scene, where Akira takes a look at all the books Tencho has. One of them is about how he can become a better boss. I learnt pretty soon after coming to Japan that you can find a book to learn anything here. Pretty literarally anything. It starts with obvious things like computer programming, language practice books, and math, and ends with less obvious things like how to run as a hobby, how to deal with your subordinates, and how to dress for a certain occasion. It seems like in this country, you first have to read about your new hobby before you start doing it. You can’t just throw on a shirt and shoes and start running. How would you know where to go running, how long, how far, what to do before and after running and which clothes are the right choice? So yes, first buy one of the books to learn about it, then buy the gear, then run a week and then… Well, most people I know have given up at that point. But in general, it is very useful if you are serious about the things you want to learn or are a professional, teaching those things anyway. I love the study books they have for Japanese, because you cen self-study a lot with them, which is very useful if you are fluent enough to live here but not quite what others would call native-level. The best part about those books is that many of them come with CDs and a see-through red sheet, which you can use to cover up the sentences so they make the right answers disappear and you can quizz yourself. It is really amazing!

Pets in Japan

Since all the people at work were freaking out about the hamster and it might confuse some, I thought I would explain a bit about this in this review. In Japan, a lot of people want to have a pet but most can’t have one because either their appartement doesn’t allow it or because their work is too stressful. For the second part, that is a really wise decision, though it makes it obvious why most people had a hamster when they were in school. The parents probably gave in to the pet that would be least time consuming and still a cute pet – so instead of fishes, they gave their child a hamster. It also isn’t living as long as a cat or a dog and it can stay at home alone the whole day without problems. This is probably also the reason why cat cafes actually make sense and are popular in Japan. So many people aren’t able to keep a cat, so they like to go there to feel like they have a pet. I guess at the restaurant, all the people really love pets but they can’t keep one for one reason or another so they were really happy someone close to them does have a pet and they can get pictures to see of it.


Oh dear Tencho, the moment when he said ‘Oh, I thought we were through with this after the date?’ made me laugh out loud. He really shouldn’t think of himself so much as someone who is completely unloveable. He is cute! And a good person, as far as we can tell! Why wouldn’t anybody love him? Because his wife left him?
Also, the lack of Kase and Yoshizawa is disturbing. What will Kase do next, since he seemed to have an eye on Akira? And Yoshizawa should make a move, I thought he likes Akira? Also, the girls from the running club didn’t appear this episode. It all makes me wonder where the story will go in the next episode. When we started the episode off with Yuto I was a bit confused, because I expected something different. It almost felt like a filler episode, which of course is total nonsense ina 12 episode series, but still…

Expectations for the next episode

Since the episode this time was so random, I really don’t know what to expect for the next episode. Is it Akira making her next move? Is it Kase doing something? Will her friend from the running club come back? Or maybe some Yoshizawa action? I don’t know, but I can’t wait for the next episode!

After the Rain

Winter 2018 | Anime Info | Simulcast

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