After the Rain Episode 1 Review: The Sound of Rain

It took me a long time to decide which series I wanted to review this season, but in the end, I decided to go for the cute potential romance story of which I have been following the manga for some time now! I will guide you through After the Rain (Koi wa Ameagari no You ni) and I hope I’ll be able to explain some cultural details about the series and talk a bit with everybody about the episodes!

Episode 1 – The Sound of Rain

Akira is a very regular student who waits at school before it’s time to go to her part-time job at a restaurant and who as someone that likes her. She also has some friends, but she doesn’t talk much and some people at her workplace seem to misunderstand her lack of expression for being angry and glaring at them. Thankfully those around her are a bit more chatty and so we learn that their boss she always calls Tencho (store leader) is old and stinky and not very popular with the girls. At the same time, it also seems like she totally is in love with him… Oh, and what is it with her leg injury and running?



This is not what I expected and I loved it so much. The colors were so bright and fun, the interaction between Tencho and Akira was cute and if they didn’t get you with the clouds turning into alpacas, then I don’t know why you were watching this in the first place. Also, I loved the part where they turned the drops into a heart because it seemed so positive and had such a strong message. Even the rainy days and the clouds can turn into something pretty. It is so over the top romantic and it really made me wonder how this series could be aimed at young men. It’s random, cute, and perfect to me. Won’t be able to skip this!

Creepy Akira

Not sure if this is a let-down or a highlight, but in the manga, we follow Akira so much and I never thought her as creepy. Shy, maybe, and not good with words but not creepy. Here, however, she is totally creepy. It makes sense, since that is what the story is like. She is supposed to be creepy and not very social. In the manga, they just don’t make it seem as strong because she is incredibly pretty. Which she is in the anime as well, only that her movements and the background sounds make it so much more creepy when she is staring at Tencho and he thinks she is glaring when she is just overcome with feelings of happiness or sadness, depending on what happened… SO, I do love watching her, but it sometimes leaves me cringing a bit much. I don’t like second-hand embarrassment, so that’s why I am not sure I 100% like creepy Akira.

Tencho, minus his voice

Aw, he is so cute. Just a regular older guy, not thinking he could ever be of any interest to a young girl like Akira. He must have been heartbroken when he heard cute little Yui talk about him like that. I feel so bad for him. He even went to get changed and write down memos. Really, they are old enough to not talk about things like that without considering the feelings of the other person. They will get old at some point, too, and I hope nobody tells them they smell or have funny wrinkles!

No matter how bad I felt for Tencho, it made me like him a lot more. He is so normal it’s almost painful. The moment when he imagined himself next to Akira instead of Yoshizawa was funny and cute. Not because he likes her, but for the sake of remembering his younger self. So cute. I hope there are more moments like that in the future.


He is the ray of sunshine when Akira and the rest of them are clouds and rain. I can see why he fell in love with Akira, since she is so pretty, but it is way too adorable how he tries to impress and get closer to her. Boy, that girl can run fast, if she disappears just like that and so fast whenever he starts talking to her! Makes me wonder why she dislikes him, since so far he has just been a ball of cute awkwardness. The most precious moment was when Akira tried to explain her ideal type and Yoshizawa tried to be exactly that… Precious. I love him.


Tencho’s voice

I am not too sure about it yet. I like his voice in general, but the dubbing seems off, or is it just me? As long as he is just thinking, he is fine, but whenever he starts talking I feel a tiny bit as if he doesn’t match the movement of the character’s mouth. I just hope that I either get used to that or that it gets better. Everybody else’s synchro was fine and his voice in general is good and the way he talks is fun and real. Just the timing… Let’s hope it was just my imagination.


What was this ending? The opening was so great that I actually looked forward to the ending, but then there was a rather boring song and an even more boring animation… Yeah, you can definitely skip the ending. Maybe you will like the song more than I did, but since I have never been a big fan of ballads and slower songs, I just was disappointed.

Culture Lesson

I am not sure I will be able to write something like this in every episode, but I wanted to explain some things that might not be easy to understand for people who have never been to Japan, don’t know Japanese, or are new to anime in general!

Family Restaurant

Akira is working part-time in this restaurant that people from Japan would soon recognize as ‘Gusto’, even though they call it ‘Garden’. This kind of restaurant is called ‘family restaurant’ over here, mostly because it is cheap and friendly for families. Kids can be loud here, and students take up a table for hours to study, just ordering from the drink bar from where they can drink endlessly as long as they get the drinks themselves. Their food is mostly western style, which means hamburger steaks, pasta, or pizzas are served here, along with some other stuff. It is a very common form of shop, and I personally really like them to hang out at. It’s comfy to talk there with friends since you aren’t taking up the little space of a regular shop that serves Japanese food. Somehow it is as if they are expected to relax there. It is very common that business people spend their time there instead, even though it is titled family restaurant. So yeah, that’s what Akira’s workplace is like!

Good Morning!

Akira was greeted by Yoshizawa with a happy ‘Good Morning!’ (Ohayo!) to which she answers something along the lines of ‘But school is over already.’

In Japan, instead of saying a regular hello when you come into work or school, you say ‘ohayo’. It doesn’t matter if it’s after lunch or if you start a night shift. That’s why Akira replies to him the way she does. The day is over, yet he greets her like that. It was cute how he tried to make the situation less embarrassing for him by explaining that he slept through the whole school day, which would mean he literally wanted to use ohayo for good morning instead of hello.

Expectations for the next episode

What could happen next? I know what happened in the manga, so I will try not to spoil anything and keep the expectations low. They could go a very different way after all.

I think we will get more details on Akira’s injury. We already got to see something about it at the end of the episode and there has been a lot of Haruka going on as well, so I think that explanation will follow in the next episode. Of course, there needs to be more action with Tencho and I wonder if Yoshizawa will ever manage to talk to Akira without her disappearing within the blink of an eye!

After the Rain

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