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Hey, wanna hear a tragic story? It’s actually kind of an interesting tale. Ok here we go.

  • There once was a studio named Arms
  • Who wanted to make a show that had charms.
  • With a forward young man
  • And friends who can
  • Defeat all who intend to do harms.
  • But when the people saw the show
  • The studio said “Oh No!”
  • The ratings were poor
  • And the merch didn’t leave the store
  • And the project had no where left to go.
  • What made it worse for this dame
  • Was that they didn’t hear America exclaim.
  • They really quite loved it
  • And many went out and bought it
  • But it was already too late. For shame.
  • So now there isn’t much to do
  • For all the fans that who
  • Admire
  • and Desire
  • For the studio to make a season 2.

So this review is gonna look really padded now that I threw four limericks into it. I mean they aren’t very good but whatever, novelty is what keeps me around. Although I’m sure you are able to see what I am trying to convey here, so let’s get more in-depth.

  • 12 Episodes

  • Aired: Jul 6th, 2012 to Sep 21st, 2012

  • Genres: Action, Ecchi, Fantasy

  • Studio: Arms

Ok so the story goes that apparently humans get spirited away to different realms but only about half ever make it back. Those that do obtain powers from the worlds they leave are sent to a school where they are trained to hone their new-found powers. Our lead protagonist, Akatsuki Ousawa, not only acquired new-found powers but also brought back the daughter of a dark lord… the very one that he kills. Now she poses as his long-lost sister as they live through school life trying not to stir up trouble.

Story: 8

So let me level with you. It has the same kind of story structure that most ecchi shows have. The boy comes off as jerk, the girl hates him for it, girl gets into a problem that threatens her life, guy saves her, girl realizes she was wrong. Then you have your normal harem style filler episodes. You know like the beach episode and the shopping for women’s clothes episode. So yeah, you heard it before and have seen it before, I get it. But what gets me is how the story realizes that too. Like it doesn’t take itself seriously because it knows you aren’t. It is just a casual story about a bad-ass dude who brings home a cute girl and protects her by convincing everyone that she is his long-lost sister. Thus, big brother bear ain’t losing her again.

If there was one thing that I do kind of complain about is that the show introduces three potential villains before deciding on one for the season to end on. It almost felt like they wanted to introduce them as potential plot significance down the line in later seasons but now that there is a good chance there isn’t going to be a follow-up, it just makes the show seem unfocused. Like there is a three-part act but two of the parts are cop outs. But it still manages to keep it’s “Whatever dude” attitude despite all of this. That’s mainly why I like this story so much is because the show just let’s the characters do their own thing and throws plot at them when it feels like it.

Art and Sound: 7 and 7

The art was alright, a little bright (but it just goes with the mood really), and particle effects that may or may not suck. I can’t say, they work well enough for me to not care. The one thing I did like was the way they showed off Akatsuki’s chi techniques. I don’t know why, but I enjoyed the way the words for whatever he is doing swirls and glows around his forearm and you only see it when he punches people. It’s the weirdest thing to notice and enjoy.

Speaking of which the characters actually look pretty good. Then there is the music which was pretty good as well. The opening and endings weren’t all impressive while the background tracks actually stood out a lot more. Especially when the track includes a violin. Sweet! That is like my favorite instrument next to the drums, the kazoo, and the didgeridoo. The voice acting was alright but I feel like a few characters were a bit too quiet. But what really is noticeable, an takes you right out of the moment, is when you hear the Nickelodeon splat sound. You heard me right. This action anime about a chi fighting bad-ass, with a dark lord’s daughter as a suedo sister contains the fucking splat from the old Nickelodeon days. Can you imagine how thrown off I was when I first heard that? Granted you only hear it a couple of times toward the end but that just makes it worse. The final battle is going down and then all of a sudden…SPLAT!

Characters: 8

I enjoy this cast of colorful casters. For one, this show could have easily been a harem and I wouldn’t have minded it because the characters are pretty cool. Granted like I mentioned before, there was three potential villains being set up and when you contrast them to the rest of the lightheartedness, they seem like real sticks in the mud. First off we have Akatsuki who is funny as hell. He is so forward and suave enough to be able to remove a girl’s panties and bra without them realizing it till he shows it to them. Also while I don’t out right understand how his abilities work, some of them bring about some downright funny moments.

Like how he practices energy manipulation by standing perpendicular to the top part of a wall, but does it in places like his bathroom or changing rooms so that he can see people walk in. Then you have the student council, who apparently run the school which made me think we had a Prison School situation going on, but instead most of them realize Akatsuki is stronger than them and the other one swears to kick his ass no matter what. To her own downfall might I add.

Overall: 7 out of 10

Again, I’m sad that this show doesn’t have a bright future because it has late bloomer syndrome. It is a really fun show and I’m seeing that same opinion around a lot of forums as well. From what Iunderstand it’s unlikely that there is going to be a sudden turn around where the studio will realize all the hype the show actually got beyond the market trial period or how the overseas market had better results. I’m not going to keep rattling on about it here but if you were interested in this show and wanted to know what’s in it for you, then know it’s a relaxed time. You’ll have a good laugh and while the story felt unfocused in some areas just know that it’s being casual about it.

Now you guys will have to catch me at the next poetry slam with how well those limericks went. And if you wanns learn about another underrated or late bloomer anime, then swing on by my Zetman review. Certainly a show I wished was expanded on further. But if you are craving more visual content then visit our Youtube channel. Anime content abound. And while you are there, why not subscribe and hit the bell icon so that you know exactly when we post a new video. And thanks again for reading my review and I hope to see you guys next time.


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