A Sister's All You Need Episode 6 Review: Having Your Media Developments Go Well Is All You Need

Episode Highlights

Chihiro is molested by Setsuna: The moment you think that this anime is trying to be more romantic you get this kind of scene and you are like ‘what the hell?!’. So, Chihiro has a great ass which makes her a female? Is this going to be sexist enough or not? I mean there are a lot of guys with great butts out there, just saying. The biggest problem here is that Chihiro is probably underaged but then again Setsuna is 16 years old, so I don’t know how to react to this. In any case, asking for people to show you your butt in public doesn’t sound very sane.

Nayu-chan has a dark side: When they were playing the board game, Nayu went into a very dark place, something about breaking windows, blinding teachers with the fire extinguisher, and killing everyone. The fact that she was bullied and that she was a hikikomori is a solid explanation for this behavior I guess…

Miyako crying scene: I get her for starting to cry and being all emotional, but for the love of GOD, why, WHY did she dry her tears on the futon blanket? Itsuki is a single male living by himself. I felt so grossed out.

Kenjiro and the adult workers: We can now all agree that every character in this show has issues.

Themes & Trivia

Chihiro’s voice: Apparently, the voice actor of Chihiro, Nozomi Yamamoto, voices a variety of porn games. Well, the more you know…

Kaiko’s hair ribbon: I saw online that the ribbon of the manga artist Lolita, is actually a female undergarment aka female pantsu. With what we have seen so far, it didn’t surprise me at all to be honest.


So… Kaiko the manga artist is a cute 20-year-old girl that dresses up like a Lolita and, of course, looks like she is 12 and OF COURSE has a sister complex so she can relate to Itsuki, but the manga editor is a 35-year-old guy that looks like 50 and he has no other interesting facts about him. Oh yes, this anime is definitely addressed to the male fans.

What is Chihiro’s deal? I don’t really understand. I thought she just didn’t want to tell her brother because he is a creepy pervert, but when Itsuki said something about little sisters, she was a bit upset. I just don’t get it. And apparently, she has a great ass. We also got to know in this episode that their mother died when they were younger, probably the reason why Itsuki left home?

When the episode for Haruto’s anime was playing, we got what was happening from the comments of the viewers on Twitter or wherever. I found the scenevery smart and nicely directed. Felt so bad for him though… Last thing, I loved the artwork of the cards in the Cat & Chocolate: Blooming Days boardgame. They had such a shoujo 80s anime design and feel to them. 

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