[:en]A Sister's All You Need Episode 4 Review: As Long as You're Working


Episode Highlights

The moment between Haruto & Itsuki: It’s funny how in this anime these kind of scenes are thrown at you completely out of nowhere. I was not expecting Haruto to say to Itsuki if he would like some thick liquid in his mouth… Yes, Haruto, keep doing it for the fangirls…

Sadistic Loli Accountant: At the beginning, when they didn’t mention the age of Ashley, I was like: ‘There we go again, more pervy stuff to follow with under-aged girls (or at least that’s how they make them look)’. But to everyone’s surprise, she is 32, so now everything she says and does is acceptable… NOT. Her moment with Haruto near the end had me rolling my eyes away from the screen because of the embarrassment. What the hell…

Themes & Trivia

Fun Fact: Did you realize that at the beginning of the episode Chihiro is actually sorting out Itsuki’s receipts? That’s why his ‘accounting’ book was so well organized. Actually, I am pretty sure that that’s the reason why EVERYTHING in his house is so organized…

Ecchi board games: I don’t know why, but up until this day, I have never even thought that there could be this kind of genre in a board game. I mean how can you multiplay something that has obviously been created for playing ‘solo’? Am I missing the meaning of this or something? But yeah, anyways, this kind of board games actually exist and you can find some examples here. This is why aliens won’t talk to us.


After watching this episode, I realized two things: first, Ashley is much worse than Nayu and I am sure there will be a hoedown between them in the future, and second, I understand why Chihiro doesn’t live with Itsuki now. I mean, think about it, if Chihiro is actually a girl and if Itsuki is so fucked up to the point of having games where you fuck your own sister and then HE CRIES ABOUT IT, then I would hide from him as well the fact that I am his little sister. It makes sense! Chihiro cares for him though, I would never go to my brother’s house every damn day to cook and clean for him. Hell no.

I am speechless over the maid obsession and the small roleplay that happened between Ashley and Haruto. It’s okay to have fantasies and some kinkiness inside you but don’t visualize it with girls that look under-aged, it’s just wrong. The titles of the board games had me utterly disgusted as well. Needless to say that I went to my happy place throughout the whole scene.

Lastly, the fact that they give us some insight about how taxes work for authors that are freelancing and are self-employed was a nice touch! Loved the diagrams that were on screen when they were explaining everything.

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