A Sister's All You Need Episode 2 Review: If Only a Miracle Would Happen

My prayers were heard and thank GOD, we didn’t have any excessively pervy and disturbing content in Episode 2 of A Sister’s All You Need. And I can’t believe it but this anime is actually a romantic comedy! Yes, it has some lewd stuff every now and then but it might be more interesting than I thought it would be!

Japanese Original Episode Title: 奇跡さえ起きればいい。


Itsuki is trying some moves in his mirror in the bathroom, portraying his younger sister confessing to him for ‘research’, which for him is perfectly normal as it’s just for work. Nyaa and Miyako come to his house and his front door is, of course, unlocked, so they just come in and see him in this shameful situation. Nyaa doesn’t miss her chance and takes millions of pictures of Itsuki’s butt. Nyaa and Myaa go to a café after that and start talking about how Itsuki and Myaa met each other in college. At the same time, Harito meets up with Itsuki and talk about the same thing. Basically they met in college because he was the weird kid in the class and Miyako had the hots for him. They started chatting, she read his novel, she didn’t like it, he called her a shameless slut, and then they became best friends.

Nyaa then invites Myaa in her hotel room where she is currently based and asks her to touch her private parts for ‘research’ as well and to help her write the best scene ever. Itsuki and Haruto are enjoying once again Chihiro’s dinner while getting kind of drunk. We then get thrown a bit of deep and philosophical shit in our faces, realizing that, yes, Miyako actually likes Itsuki, Nyaa was bullied at school and is still traumatized, and that probably Harito is a bit jealous of Itsuki’s talent and personality but still wants to work hard to surpass him.

Episode Highlights

The ‘research’ moments: Itsuki groping himself in front of the mirror for inspiration was funny but when Nyaa touched Myaa’s boobs and ass, it was more sexual.

The gayness dialogue: Harito thinks that by making himself look gay, he is going to get more female fans? No mate, that’s not how it works.

Chihiro-kun is actually a –chan? That last scene after the credits left me with a lot of questions. Is he a young boy that looks super feminine or just a girl with small boobs?

Themes & Trivia

Dixit: Is this show paid to promote board games or what? I was surprised to see Dixit in Itsuki’s room, because first of all, I didn’t know that it was popular or even known in Japan, and second, because Dixit is awesome. For those who don’t know, Dixit is a card game created by Jean-Louis Roubira, published and introduced in 2008 by Libellud. Using a deck of cards illustrated with dreamlike images, players select cards that match a title suggested by the storyteller, and attempt to guess which card the storyteller selected. Plus the artwork of the cards is really cool and trippy. Highly recommended, especially when you and your friends are drunk.

Why no nipples? Have you ever wondered why there are no nipples in some of the female characters when they are shown in nude scenes? The answer to that is of course censorship and because it’s easier for anime to be shown on Japanese television when they are not ecchi lvl 100. But it is funny to see how Japanese television decides to censor some things and completely ignores other ones that are super wrong for viewers. For me, it will always remain a mystery why the male nipples are censored in anime as well. Is Japan that forward and nonsexist? I wish.


In this episode the show is playing with fire, since it has addressed a lot of sensitive subjects: bullying at school, famous people portraying to be gay just to gain a fandom, young teenagers hiding their genders, and girls harassing each other for the sake of ART!

On the note of ‘hiding their gender’, after this episode I really believe that Chihiro is a girl and that will be the whole plot twist of the anime. As I previously mentioned, she has a female voice and name, and in this episode, when Itsuki was drunk and said that he actually has a sister, Chihiro was shocked and a bit worried at the same time. And let’s not forget the last scene, where we see him in the shower. But ‘nough said, let’s wait and see.

‘As a college girl, aren’t you used to seeing d*&^s?’

I really enjoyed Itsuki’s words at the end of the episode:

What you want, someone else always has and usually it means nothing to the person that actually has it. It’s pretty much a miracle when you have what you want and most comedies and tragedies happen due to the absence of that miracle. That’s basically how the whole world works.

He dropped the truth bomb right there, RIGHT TO THE FEELS. Cheers! Don’t forget to check the rest of our weekly reviews for Fall 2017!

NEXT TIME: As Long as It’s Research (取材でさえあればいい.)

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