A Sister's All You Need Episode 1 Review: I Only Need a Little Brother Who Can Cook, a Beautiful Naked Girl, and Friends I Can Relate To

Episode Highlights

The pervy bait at the beginning: I am happy to see that the rest of the episode was not as f*cked up as the beginning. His sister’s milk and eggs? Eating panties? Nope. NO WAY IN HELL. I’m hoping this is going to be the author’s way of criticizing this type of anime and how cliché they are becoming with all that ‘sister love’.

That Nayu-chan: ‘Good evening senpai. Let’s have sex.’

‘Do you really like dicks that much?’

‘You’ve popped plenty of cherries but won’t miss a deadline?’

And let’s not forget Prince Manwhore.

Themes & Trivia

Turtle’s soup: It’s apparently an actual board game and it has nothing to do with what they said in the episode. According to Google, it’s a press-your-luck card game of fraught cuisine. Lol.

Uggo: For people that are watching this with English subtitles, you might have noticed the word ‘uggo in the translation when Itsuki is telling his story. Uggo is an extremely ugly person and its used when you are too lazy to write or say ‘extremely ugly person’.

References: There are quite a lot of references in other similar anime. We have Kobato from Haganai, Komachi from Oregairu, and Kirino from Oreimo. Itsuki mentions them when he rants about his wannabe little sister.


I was totally caught off guard with that opening. I almost got a heart attack and didn’t want to watch anymore but the following scenes of the episode saved it. No more overly sexualized young little sisters please.

Chihiro-kun, Itsuki’s brother, looks like a girl. His name is a girly name, his eyes are usually designed in female characters, and his voice is definitely female. I don’t know if this is done intentionally but it’s not surprising since we see this kind of thing in anime quite often. Also, I would like to comment that he can chop veggies and cook in the speed of sound because from the moment he came back from food shopping until Haruto comes in to put the alcohol in the fridge there is NO WAY in hell he could have managed to do all that. Just sayin’.

Nayu is an interesting character as well but I guess people could say that she is like the combined version of all the female characters from Eromanga-Sensei. Let’s see what she has for us in the future episodes. I am really curious to see how the plot will evolve and if there are going to be actual non creepy or pervy romantic relationships in the series. I hope Itsuki won’t start dating Nayu-chan and call her little sister. Gross.

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