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Hello my fellow Otaku fans and welcome to another wonderful review of yet another wonderful anime. This time we are going to dive into the story of 2 very special people with a very funny yet special relationship. This review will give all you need regarding the anime and the characters and now may I present to you Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku.


  •  Author: Fujita

  • Episodes: 11

  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, Slice of life

  • Serialization: Comic Pool


To put it in simple terms Narumi Momose a hardcore loving fujoshi ( A girl who likes Boy’s Love) finally reunites with her childhood friend since middle school, Hirotaka Nifuji who is a hardcore gamer otaku. She got to meet Hirotaka once again after a chance encounter at work and the two decided to get to know each other once more. After a series of hilarious events, Narumi and Hirotaka decided to date and become girlfriend and boyfriend. And so it begins with the amusing love story between a Fujoshi and a Gaming otaku.


I love how much the characters can get hilarious in their own way. There are times when they tend to do some stuff to the extreme(In a way) that just keeps begging you for more of it. As for the intro to our two main characters. Narumi is the positive type of person in the series, she has a positive outlook on a lot of things and cares deeply for her friends which tends to make her worry from time to time. She likes otome games and idols a lot. She hides some secrets but the only thing that she does not want others to find out is her being a fujoshi/otaku since many people look down on otaku and it was one of the reasons why she switched jobs which is why she tries to hide her Otaku side from most people except for Hirotaka and her other friends. She has been Hirotaka’s childhood friend for a long time and she seems to enjoy the good times they had then and now.

Next is none other than Hirotaka, the childhood friend of Narumi and the hardcore gaming Otaku. Unlike Narumi, Hirotaka is more of the less active type and prefers being alone and unlike Narumi who hides her identity, Hirotaka doesn’t care if anyone knows he is an otaku. He enjoys a wide range of games regardless of genre. He may seem unemotional from time to time but he cares for his friends… sometimes. He is also quite handsome which makes a lot of girls quite attracted to him which he does not mind at all. He may not look like it but he has had a crush on Narumi for the longest time and enjoys the time he spends with her.

There are also 2 more main characters namely Taro Kabakura who is the senpai of Narumi and the coworker of Hirotaka who is the less intense type of Otaku who loves reading manga and watching anime. He also seems to have a liking to Yuri and Hanako Koyanagi who is also the senpai of Narumi and fujoshi ally of hers. Hanako also likes to cosplay as a guy during anime events. These four main characters make the story Wotakoi a slapstick and romantic comedy worth watching.


Okay first off after watching the first few episodes it completely made it to one of my favorite comedy, romance anime and I will never ever forget the hilarious and cute scenes it has blessed me with. Its art style to me was unique and it fits perfectly for the story with its balanced animation of the characters. With every episode hilarity always ensues and the main characters grow in their own way and they deepen their relationship even more. There were also some scenes that may make certain types of people go doki doki , nosebleed or go UUUOOOAAAHHHH!!! but I leave it up to you on how your reactions gonna be.

The sad thing about this anime was that the episodes only reached up to 11 which was less than what I initially thought on how long this hilarious anime is going to be even though the manga was quite popular especially among the women. The opening song of the anime was the very lively kind which can brighten up everyone’s day and the rhythm made it all the better to listen to. The ending song of the anime gave a relaxed feel for the audience to calm down after watching such an intense anime( for me personally it was intense) and it gives true ending like feeling. It’s still kinda sad though the anime ended with only just 11 episodes but do not lose hope as there are some rumors going around that there is going to be a season 2 of it which I hope is true since this is one of the best anime I’ve watched during the summer break.


Overall I’d give this anime 8/10 for its unique art style and story but it would have been a little bit better if there were more episodes to watch and enjoy. This anime is also trending on most websites and it is one those highly recommended anime to watch. I would recommend this anime if you require a little bit of sunshine in your day or even just listen to the opening song and I guarantee you that it will give a big smile on that face of yours. Look like this ends the review for Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku I hope you guys enjoyed watching it or if you’re just going to watch it I hope this review may help you give a little bit of knowledge on the characters and their personalities a little bit. Well then until next time my fellow Otakus and if you have any questions regarding the anime pls type it in the comments section below. Bye-Bye 🙂

My favorite anime is konosuba and my favorite character is Megumin because of her personality and her explosion magic. I also appreciate a famous quote from Denpa Kyoushi which is “I do what I yearn to do(YD)!”. I love drawing, anime and making people have fun and smile. You guys can follow me on disqus.com if you want to have a chat.

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