A Dragon Ball Z Super Dedicated 3 Years to Turn Into Trunks

South-African born Julian Louw is a huge Dragon Ball Z fan. In fact, Julian spent the past three years exercising and maintaining a strict diet so he can transform into his favorite character, Trunks.

Dragon Ball Z

Bancroft TV ran a feature on Julian’s dedication to becoming Trunks, which has been his fitness inspiration and role model for years. Julian has a cool job working as a stunt actor as well as a professional dancer, but in his school days, he was an outcast. Julian told Bancroft TV, “Dragon Ball Z was a cartoon I watched and it was really my place to escape. It was really the escape I was looking for. I was so looking forward to watching the cartoon – every episode and it was my escape.”

Julian embarked on his transformative journey after people commented on his resemblance to Trunks. According to his estimates, he has spent $5,000 on training regimens and dietary supplements while avoiding cosmetic surgery. Julian says he trains three to four times a day to sculpt his body to match Trunks’.


You can explore Julian’s adventures at anime cons and in L.A. on his Instagram.

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