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It will never happen again.

Dragon Ball Z. One Piece. Bleach. Naruto. Hunter x Hunter. Gintama. Fairy Tail.

Animation as we know it is only about to get more short-lived. To be precise, it will be very rare to see a full season anime title, unless it’s a highly anticipated manga adaptation.

One of the top reasons why young kids or even young adult turn to being UNOTAKU (an Otaku) is because of the adventure and long story arcs we tend to enjoy. Sadly, the truth has been said.

Anime today is bound to be more or less, a 13-episode run because Japan’s population is not getting any younger, study says. And considering the culture of Japan, there is no business in creating “big idea story arcs” if people are in their offices working all day (or all night). I know, it’s quite a shocker, but hundred-episode runs will be a thing of the past. And it’s OK.

Apparently, the number of episodes doesn’t necessarily mean a low-quality anime and that’s what Passione Studio (パッショーネ株式会社) proved with the 12 episodes of Rokka no Yuusha.

To those who haven’t seen it yet, it’s basically your generic hero anime where there is a common demon lord to defeat, but with the atmosphere of Detective Conan and the devil’s luck of One Piece involved. Now imagine that. Did that get your attention? I’m sure it did!

But if for some reason it didn’t, I present you a Top 5 list of why Rokka no Yuusha is must-see anime of the season. Hold on tight!

#5 The Right Kind of Power


The action scenes in RNY may not be as breathtaking as Kurosaki Ichigo’s ridiculous transformations, but everything from the first episode of RNY is just as flashy as the Full Metal Alchemist. Although the main character, Adlet Mayer, proclaims that he is the “strongest man alive”, he knows that he is only human and therefore resorts to using his brains more.

#4 Extreme Pinch Modes


I can’t think of many anime where the characters are almost always on the brink of dying. The Six Braves are chosen to defeat the demon lord, that’s typical, but there’s something much more frightening. As the Six Brave’s were about to rendezvous at the entrance of demon lord’s country, seven of them came.

#3 It’s a Direction of Takeo Takahashi


What else can I say for the director of Spice and Wolf? This definitely stands out as it is.

#2 Feel Good Start Turned Psycho Thriller


I know what you’re thinking, “Puella Magi Madoka Magica”, well not exactly. RNY is indeed set in a semi-magical world, but you won’t see anything more than women saints with abilities and demons. The main arc is quite simple, but the details in it are the epic element. The execution of the anime lets you in on a unique trajectory where you will feel like all the magic is unnecessary as the mind games commence.

#1 Top Notch Love Story


Please don’t think of it as sort of a Your Lie in April kind of drama because RNY’s love story is more like Gasai Yuuno and Yuki being happy together. Call it forbidden love or extraordinary love, still you won’t be able to get enough of the bold declarations of in RNY!
It’s about time we change the way we look at how long or short the anime is. The thing that matters is what it means for us on a personal level. As Otakus, we watch Anime not for the heck of it, but for the lessons and things we see in them that inspires us to do the same in our life.

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