8 Anime Characters Who Rock A Kimono

A kimono is a traditional Japanese style clothes. The word kimono itself actually means “something you wear” but in time, it has come to specifically denote the full-length robes which people in Japan wear for special occasions and festivals.
For many people, a kimono is one of the quintessential symbols which celebrate Japanese culture, a traditional garb that they often encounter in anime shows no matter what the genre. Despite the influx of modern fashion, the kimono is a timeless classic – and it is here to stay in real life and in anime shows!
To pay homage to the beautiful and inspiring kimono, we’ve rounded up some anime characters that we believe absolutely rocks a kimono.


Kenshin Himura – Rurouni Kenshin

Kenshin’s red-and-white ensemble is a standout and is easily recognized by many an anime fan. Kenshin is completely at home in his kimono, whether he is training, cleaning the dojo, cooking, or being the badass Hitokiri Battousai.


Chihaya Ayase – Chihayafuru

The lovely Chihaya Ayase is even lovelier in a kimono. The kimono is perfect complement to Chihaya’s love of Karuta, a traditional Japanese card game, and she and her teammates often participate in their competitions garbed in kimonos.


Sakura Shinguji – Sakura Wars

Sakura Shinguji is the main protagonist of Sakura Wars, a show about an all-female assault force named the Flower Division fighting to protect Tokyo against evil using special armors. Sakura is an immensely powerful individual being but she starts of clumsy and awkward. She slowly grows in confidence and skill as the show unfolds. When not in her armor or performing as a theatrical actress, Sakura is almost always in her signature pink kimono.


 Goemon Ishikawa XIII – Lupin III

Like Sakura, Goemon is always seen wearing a sedate kimono and hakama which reflects his adherence to the samurai code, and his traditional roots and upbringing. Goemon is a thirteenth generation samurai, a descendant of historic figure Ishikawa Goemon. Like his bearing, he carries the kimono with quiet strength and a sense of pride.


Dia Kurosawa – Love Live! Sunshine!!

Dia is the Uranohoshi Girl’s High School student council president. Personality wise, Dia is mature and collected, quite formal in her ways. She is also particularly skilled in Kitsuke, the art of wearing a kimono, so you can bet she knows everything there is to know about this traditional Japanese garment. Given this, it’s no wonder why Dia always looks amazing and beautiful in her kimono.


Yuuko Ichihara – xxxHolic

Yuuko oozes confidence and mystery as the proprietor of a shop which grants people their wishes in exchange for something of equal valie. A powerful witch, Yuuko is able to cross over to different times and universe, and often makes an appearance in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles, and in different worlds under CLAMP’s universes.

Wherever she may be, Yuuko is always dressed up, stylish, and at her best with her fashion which of course includes the iconic kimono, ranging from simple to lavishly elaborate.


Shiki Ryougi – Kara no Kyoukai

Shiki is a member of the Ryougi family who are members of the Demon Hunter Organization. Being able to manifest two different personalities, Shiki was chosen early on to be the head of the family and as such, is proficient in combat. Part of Shiki’s personality is her preference to wear all types of traditional kimonos – yukatas, furisodes, single-piece kimonos, and more. She also developed a habit of wearing a jacket over her kimonos during winter time. More than just a fashion statement, Shiki’s kimonos are also tailored to be very functional as she is able to fight comfortably while wearing them.


Soutetsu Ibaragi – Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto

Calm, collected, and intelligent, Soutetsu Ibaragi is the very image of dignity which is amplified when he is wearing his kimono. The mysterious playwright of the Yuyama troupe has seemingly perfected the art of coolness, completely in his element in a kimono and pulling the strings behind the scenes.

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