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A fan service Anime often lacks a compelling story.

Well, I’m pretty sure you’ll want to comment on that, but I already know a thing or two about your little spiel (cause I am a fan too!).

You may try to cite some great titles like Freezing, Queens Blade, Highschool DxD, but remember—there is no justice in staring at Oppais for half an hour—that you can convince your sister or mum with. Ha-Ha!

But coming from the perspective of an Otaku to another, all Anime gives us some sort of joy. Whether your source of entertainment lies in the naughty side of the animation world, it’s still a pure thing. You’re just wonderfully honest and that’s a sign of healthy mind.

If you think about it, an ecchi Anime is just another up and coming genre and there’s nothing wrong with them. You wouldn’t call me psychopath because I terribly enjoyed Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Elfen Lied, and Speed Grapher right? Same as you can’t call anyone who likes fan service an ‘H’.

It’s only a matter of preference.

As I said, there is no justice in staring at Oppais for half an hour, unless it has very reasonable explanation. When push comes to shove, who wouldn’t be staring if your senpais seems to lack a proper understanding on how to wear their uniforms!

One of the few titles last summer which got me to change my perspective on the whole fan service genre was Prison School (監獄学園 Purizun Sukūru). And trust me, Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai (Shimoseka) is child’s play compared to the crazy antics of Kiyoshi Fujino and the rest of the gang.

Given the opportunity, I’m sure you’ll also bet your entire youth to become a prisoner at Hachimitsu Academy, but it wouldn’t be because it’s an exclusive all-girls school. Plot-twist!

On the surface, Prison School may look to you as nothing but a series of sexual encounters, but it’s really a RomCom anime about conviction, camaraderie, and human spirit. Don’t believe me?

Here are the five things that you won’t believe Prison School can teach you.

#5 Women are the Most Wonderful Creation

Yes, I’ll have to admit it. The depiction of all women characters in Prison School needs quite a little bit more censorship. And it couldn’t be any perfect. The gist of the show is really to showcase how divine the bodies of women are and as men—we have to respect them and look after them—because they can do the same for us. If you treat them right, you’ll be alright too. Now, ain’t that beautiful!


#4 If You Don’t Wish It Will Happen…Sometimes

Ever heard the famous saying in Japan, “when you don’t find it, it will eventually find you”? Following the series of unfortunate events in Prison School, there’s always the element of the opposites. Those who wished absurd things (very naughty things) get beaten to death, while the ones who have pure intentions get the prize with the least amount of effort.


#3 The Value to Conform

I can’t reveal to you if there will be a spoonful of feels or a stardust of it in Prison School, but there is definitely a load worth of high emotional moments. You see, all five of them (Kiyoshi, Takehito, Shingo, Jouji, and Andou) are liable to each other’s actions. What is exciting to see here is how they came to realize their situations and want to change for the better. Each one of them contributed to their developments as responsible members of the society.


#2 Promises Matter

What is the value of a man if he can’t keep his own words? Prison School is all about five boys who get imprisoned for voyeurism just at the moment when the main character, Kiyoshi, had promised to go on a date for the first time. You’ll personally witness how a man stays true to his words and how he’ll keep the wishes of his comrades along with him!


#1 The Truth Can’t Be Deleted

What we did in the past may not be ever forgotten but this doesn’t have to stop us from doing better things in the future. The main plot of Prison School rests on the indirect battles of the five imprisoned boys and the Underground Student Council, which turned out to be a fazing ordeal for both parties. Will they be expelled or will they achieve victory?


We all love a good story and we are all capable of appreciating true value when we see one. More than the fan service and the obvious distractions that comes with it; a well-written plot is a worthwhile Anime.

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