4 “Must Watch” Anime That You Really Shouldn’t Miss

Ever since I decided to start watching anime last year I’ve been inundated with recommendations from friends and other fans online. But, as there is so much anime out there to enjoy I’ve been making it my personal mission to play catch-up and get through as many classic, popular or “must see” series as I can. Of all the anime I have watched so far, here are four series that (I can confirm) live up to their reputation.

Cowboy Bebop

I’ve written about this series in more depth before, but it really is deserving of all the praise it receives. It’s a character driven, action-packed drama with the best soundtrack in anime. The individual, serialised stories are so varied and coloured by the unique style and world building that it’s almost guaranteed you’ll find something to love.

Death Note

Before I started watching this anime I was very wary of the hype that still surrounds it, and I’m pleased to say that it managed to defy my expectations by a long way! The constant plot twists make it great to marathon and easy to get sucked into. With interesting character dynamics, moral questions raised and many memorable scenes it’s easy to see why this anime is still held in such high regard.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

While I’m yet to get around to watching the original anime from 2003, this series was incredibly fun and engaging to watch through. It manages to switch between fun, sweet character moments and darker, more emotional scenes very well and the story only becomes more engrossing as it goes along. There’s a lot of humour and action to keep it from ever feeling too slow, and the character writing is brilliant.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

‘Eva’ has a reputation for being very polarising amongst anime fans, chances are you’ll either love it or hate it (and I highly recommend you watch it and find out which camp you fall into.) More than just a deconstruction of the Mecha genre this anime is full of character exploration, brilliant fight scenes and a lot of big ideas that will leave you thinking about it long after. If the end of the series isn’t satisfying enough for you then the End of Evangelion film is worth the watch too.

I still have a long way to go through my list of well loved anime series, and I hope that I find more to enjoy as much as these. What series do think deserve all the hype?

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