21 Single Parents In Anime That We Admire

To celebrate those parents who were able to raise a child by themselves is plain amazing. So here is a list dedicated to those parents. Shall we get started?

#21 Karina Braun ( Attack on Titan)

Image result for karina braun attack on titan

#20 Kuchel Ackerman ( Attack on Titan)

Image result for kuchel ackerman

#19 Sakiko’s Father ( Sailor Moon)

Image result for sakiko father gif sailor moon

#18 Yoshiko Kayama ( Sailormoon)

Image result for yoshiko kayama gif

#17 Kaoru’s Mother ( Nana to Kaoru)

Image result for kaoru's mother nana to kaoru

#16 Naru’s Mother ( Sailor Moon)

Image result for Naru's mother sailor moon

#15 Ryoko Matsuzaki ( From Up On Poppy Hill)

Image result for Ryoko Matsuzaki gif

#14 Zen Kirishima (Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi: Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai)

Image result for zen kirishima gif

#13 Emperor Il ( Yona of the Dawn)

Image result for emperor Il gif

#12 Kyousuke Monakata ( Papa to kiss in the dark)

Image result for kyosuke munakata gif papa kiss in the dark

#11 Chisato Takatsukasa ( Kirepapa)

Image result for chisato takatsukasa gif

#10 Fujitaka Kinomoto ( Cardcaptor Sakura)

Image result for fujitaka kinomoto gif

#9 Hajime Shibata ( Hell Girl)

Image result for hajime shibata gif

#8 Kagome’s Mother ( Inuyasha)

Image result for kagome's mother gif

#7 Minako Ayuzawa ( Kaichou wa Maid Sama)

Image result for minako ayuzawa gif

#6 Kyoko Honda ( Fruits Basket)

Image result for kyoko honda gif

#5 Hana ( Wolf Children)

Image result for hana wolf children gif

#4 Ryoji Fujioka ( Ouran High School Host Club)

Image result for ryoji fujioka gif

#3 Kaien Cross ( Vampire Knight)

Image result for kaien cross gif

#2 Shirou Fujimoto ( Blue Exorcist)

Image result for shirou fujimoto gif

#1 Spirit Albarn ( Soul Eater)

Image result for spirit albarn gif

Who do you think is the best single parent? Tell us in the comments and much love to those who has raised a child by themselves.

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