1st Episode Anime Impressions: You don't know Gunma yet.

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Japanese Title: お前はまだグンマを知らない


The story of You Don’t Know Gunma Yet follows Nori Kamitsuki, a high school student who moves from Chiba Prefecture to Gunma Prefecture. Prior to arriving at his new home, he finds disturbing info on the Internet, describing Gunma as ‘the last unexplored place on Earth’ and stating that he needs ‘to bring the best the equipment possible. Will Kamitsuki survive the culture shock of getting to know the true nature of Gunma Prefecture? (source: Crunchyroll)


avatar Thanasis


What was that? For a short anime that aims to promote a certain region of Japan (or that’s what I deduced from the horror-like plot and the words of Takasaki’s mayor after the credits), this will be best enjoyed by the Japanese. It is full of cultural references and Japanese humor and to be honest, I was too clueless of either to understand much. Well, except that Gunma seems like a place of terror.

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  • 1st Episode Anime Impressions: You don’t know Gunma yet.

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