1st Episode Anime Impressions: Chio's School Road

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Japanese Title: ちおちゃんの通学路


‘To go to school normally’ is a work of miracles! From a gang running wild on a construction site to the sudden urge to pee, there are many problems getting in the way of the below-average high school girl Chio Miyamo. This extreme comedy will finally be turned into an anime!


Martina from MANGA.TOKYO


Chio is totally different than I thought she would be and the whole series is less strange than it originally sounded and I think this is one of my unexpected favorites this season! Chio has such a good heart and tries to be nice, without standing out too much. Yes, she is also a bit stupid, but it’s fun! The way she gets blocked from getting to school on time did sound ridiculous in the previews, but to be honest, it was alright in the series and I had a lot of fun with her. The art was also fun and while it might be hard with the setting to introduce other characters, I think the first episode did well on that part! There even was a bad guy and a misunderstanding. Definitely recommend it to anybody for a nice laugh!


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