15 Fun Facts about Knight’s and Magic

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WARNING: Contains spoilers for the first 3-4 episodes and the first couple dozen chapters of the manga.

1) There are four incarnations of this story.

This is one of my favorite parts of a lot of isekai stories.  These series usually follow the adaptation path of web novel -> light novel -> manga -> anime.  Meaning, we get to revisit the story in multiple forms!


2) Tsubasa Kurata is a mecha otaku reincarnated as Ernesti “Eru” Echavarria into mecha fantasy world.

That’s it!  That’s the plot.


3) Computer programming is magic!  Literally.

The scripts used to create and control magic are based on the same languages for computer programming in the “real world”.  So, Eru, who was a computer programmer in his past life, is born a literal magic expert.


4) Knights and Magic and Kobayashi Dragon Maid share an OP singer.

The opening song of Knights and Magic, “Hello!  My World!” (which is perfect thematically), Dragon Maid’s “Blue Sky Rhapsody” are both sung by fhana.


5) Two Yuri!!! On Ice voice actors have been cast in the English dub.

Alexis Tipton voices both Eru and Yuuko Nishigori.  And Jerry Jewel, obviously our favorite Russian skating heartthrob, voices Olver Bromdal.

6) Eru’s Japanese voice actress also acts in KonoSuba.

In the Japanese version, Eru is played by Rie Takahashi, who also voices everyone’s favorite explosion expert, Megumin.


7) Explosions are justice!

Like Megumin, Eru also uses explosions to prove his point.  To get excused from one of his classes, to be able to take the one he really wanted, Eru is told to prove is magical prowess.  He then proceeds to explode all the practice dummies.


8) There’s a kid whose name is Kid.

There’s a kid in the series whose name is Archid Walter, but everyone just calls him Kid.


9) Eru stopped his two best friends from running away from home by running across their rooftop.

When Eru was about eight years old, he was training his magic in preparation to go the mecha school.  Fate just happened to put Kid’s and Addy’s house in Eru’s path.  Although they’d been planning to run away, the two decided to stay one more night because a magic genius was much more interesting.  They were waiting in his path the next night, and they’ve been together ever since.

10) Silhouette Knights (aka the giant robots) are too big for Eru, so he decides he’ll just make one.

Of course, he also decides he’s going to make the best Silhouette Knight EVER!  Because that’s just how Eru is.  He even goes so far to ask the king for national-level secrets to fulfill this goal.


11) Eru designs himself a magic gun.

It’s actually a combination sword and magic staff so he can fight more efficiently.  But it’s the same exact shape as a gun.  Best of all, Addy and Kid end up getting some too.

12) No matter what happens, his mecha-obsession reigns supreme.

Kidnapped best friend?  No problem.  Just make sure you get to the mecha show in time!

Seriously, in the manga, there’s a short arc involving Addy’s and Kid’s jealous half-brother, Baltsar.  He has his friend kidnap Addy, so he can beat up Kid.  Eru rescues Addy and brings her to Kid like it’s an afterthought.  Because the most important thing happening all day is their promise to watch the Silhouette Knight mock fight together.

13) His first time piloting a Silhouette Knight, Eru basically stole it.

During a sudden attack, one of Eru’s upperclassmen goes to run away, so Eru commandeers the thing to save the day.  Still, his motives are half “save everyone” and half “RIDING A GIANT ROBOT! YAY!”.  After all, the mecha obsession reigns supreme.


14) His first time piloting a Silhouette Knight, he also basically destroyed it.

Unfortunately, the manual controls are made for adult-sized people (hence him being too small), so Eru has to bypass them.  This jerry-rigged version of control can only last so long, especially when he takes off the limiters and overloads the circuits.


15) Trying to improve a Silhouette Knight, he broke it.

One of his ideas to make the current mecha’s stronger is to twist fibers together to make the “muscles” of the machine stronger.  Unfortunately, the frame isn’t built to support that extra weight.  And the first time they test it, the Silhouette Knight’s arm just falls off.

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