12 Sinister Video Game Demons


A six-year old boy possessed by a demon, Lucius is a child that players control as Lucifer, the one and only Devil himself, has found an interest in the boy as he guides him to do certain things that would surely haunt any sane person. The concept is eerie and oddly enjoyable as players take a new perspective of being the villain.


The culprit behind the missing children revolving around the pizza place, Purple Guy is a constantly appearing antagonist that has no dialogue though expresses his story through a series of mini games that encourages players to understand in order to see the story being given to them.


Despite being a major villain, Quan Chi has cunning personality that you just can’t help enjoy seeing as demonstrates a determination to further himself by allying himself with anyone to gain his way.


Son to a demon father and human mother, Dante has pursued a life of demon slaying as a result of the death of his mother as well as the manipulation of his brother who has become corrupted. Don’t let the brutal backstory fool you though, Dante demonstrates a mouthy attitude as he shows no fear in the face of the most vicious enemies, even going out of his way to put on a show in order to taunt and show off his skills.


Stuck in their school as a storm passes over, Ray wakes in the middle of demonic version of the school, the point and click horror game becoming a series of puzzles that must be solved along with hiding and running from large shadows that chase her. The atmosphere of the school in itself is terrifying, the demons lurking through the school make the game an absolute classic masterpiece in the horror game genre.


Originally from Disney’s Fanstasia, Chernabog makes a grand appearance in Kingdom Hearts during one of the many boss battles near the end of the game. Having survived the destruction of his own world, he has appeared in the dark realm where Sora, Donald and Goofy unintentionally wake him, triggering an epic battle that has lots of fire and a demon the size of a mountain.


Once normal souls of humans, these corrupted souls now wander throughout the world of the dead as dark shadows that prey on the ghosts of humans, appearing in dark places. Having become more animal than human, these demons rely on their instincts, making it easy to distract, though they tend to wander in large numbers, often making it difficult to maneuver past.


Deemed responsible for the rape and murder faked suicide of a young girl, this teacher returns to the mind of the protagonsit as he appears as a demon throughout the dark halls of the school Blake has been forced to return to. He follows Blake through hallucinations, laughter down halls where he cannot be seen, and through the ringing phones of classrooms. A demon in Blake’s eyes, he makes the game terrifying as there seems to be no escape from the shadows.


A remarkably made adaptation of Alice in Wonderland with a psychological twist, Alice has begun a coping mechanism through Wonderland as the demons of her reality have begun to darken the once beautiful and bright world of Wonderland, forcing her to confront them in order to save Wonderland and her mind. The Dollmaker is a demonic representation of her doctor who is responsible for her family’s death, making him a primary villain in the game as he manipulates children and creatures of Wonderland.


Although technically not labeled a demon, Ruvik takes a unique place in this list as he demonstrates a likeness to most demons in which he has created a dark world where he can be anywhere, possess anything, and overall become one with the darkness he’s pulled Sebastian and his team into.


The main antagonist of Cuphead, The Devil is the also the main reason Cuphead must go on a dangerous journey in order to keep his own soul, eventually having to confront The Devil himself in the ultimate boss battle. He watches Cuphead throughout his journey and proves to be a worthy opponent for our protagonist as he can take on multiple forms during his attacks.


Also labeled “Prince of Darkness,” Remor is a demon that Fran can see during brief intervals when she is taking her medication which allows her to see into another reality that at one point is indicated to likely be a figment of her mind as she has undergone extreme experimentation by the hand of Dr. Oswald. He first appears to her after Fran has been prescribed a new medication and has now begun a journey to find her missing cat Mr. Midnight.

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