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Valentine’s Day is the day for sweets and flowers, but aren’t you tired of seeing those same old boxes and bouquets? Pass on the cliches and find some inspiration through these 10 phenomenal treats from all over Japan!

1. Exquisite rose-shaped chocolates from message de rose put a sweet twist on receiving flowers!

For a gift that’s both romantic and delicious, visit luxury chocolate brand message de rose for a bouquet of chocolate roses. The best thing about it is that instead of seeing them wilt, the recipient gets to feast on these beautiful chocolates – the best of both worlds!

2. Spend the day eating ultra-kawaii treats at the Kawaii Monster Cafe!

Not into typical chocolates? Fear not, because the famous Kawaii Monster Cafe is celebrating the occasion with vibrant desserts like these heart-shaped macarons! These are as colorful and fun as Takeshita Street, making them perfect for that special person with a Harajuku-worthy style and personality.

3. Be part of chocolate history with Kit Kat’s new flavor, Sublime Ruby!

Being the first product made from Ruby chocolate that’s available commercially, Kit Kat’s Sublime Ruby may just be the perfect treat for this year’s Valentine’s Day. In addition to a slight berry flavor and an out-of-this-world texture, its natural pink color makes for a special experience. This item is available at official Kit Kat stores and pop-ups around Japan, as well as online.

4. If you’re more into blue, try these unique chocolates from Village Vanguard!

Despite its rich, deep blue, the color in these gorgeous chocolates is actually natural! Part of the “Naturally Blue” series from Aomori prefecture, it was created with a herb from Thailand known as the butterfly pea. These chocolates aren’t overly sweet, either, so they’ll suit anyone’s tastes.

5. The perfect gift for artistic souls: a palette chocolate set from Sweets & Deli!

Stop by Palace Hotel Tokyo’s own pastry shop for a super unique Valentine’s Day! In addition to the edible brush and palette, the tube has a nutty paste inside for a special artistic experience that’s also downright delicious.

6. This jazz-themed youkan brings musical magic to Valentine’s Day!

Music lovers will be mesmerized by this beautiful youkan (sweet bean jelly) from Jazz to Youkan! The traditional jelly dessert has been given a modern twist with its stylish jazz-inspired piano design.

7. Personalize your Valentine’s gift with birthstone chocolates from Renaissance Okinawa Resort!

This lineup of gorgeous macarons and chocolates at Renaissance Okinawa Resort is inspired by birthstones, each featuring incredible art and classically mouthwatering flavors like salted caramel, pistachio, and matcha, as well as some special ones like European pear, shequasar, and calvados!

8. Find a stellar set of zodiac chocolates at Rihga Royal Hotel Osaka!

This year, Rihga Royal Hotel’s Osaka location is the place to be for horoscope lovers! The 12 constellations of the zodiac have been separated into the 4 elements of fire, earth, wind, and water and given unique flavors in this bonbon chocolate set. You’ll also find an Earth chocolate in the middle.

9. Feeling a little blue? Heal yourself with some of Kaldi’s chocolate band-aids!

Kaldi has Valentine’s-related woes covered with their Choco-Aids – in other words, Band-Aid-shaped chocolates! Each of these cute packs includes 10 chocolate Band-Aids, making them a great novelty to hand out (be sure to keep some for yourself, though!).

10. Spend a sweet Valentine’s date with Felissimo’s quirky bunny marshmallows!

Filled with red bean paste, these fluffy and sweet marshmallows from Felissimo are a great choice for anyone who’s just not that into chocolate. Plus, it’s impossible not to fall in love with the adorable bunny illustrations on top!

Whether for friends or family, that special someone, or even yourself, any of these unique treats are sure to brighten up Valentine’s Day! Which one would you like to try?

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