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Anime has some interesting battles between good and evil. However, rule of thumb when creating a story, usually is “Good has to win.” This is true for anime, comics, video games, and almost everything. Because of this, when anime and manga are written, sometimes our lovable protagonists can become a little overpowered. Ok, way overpowered, but they still make for awesome fights and stories! So here I have my personal list of Top 10 Overpowered Anime Protagonists!


10.Kenshin Himura –  Hitokiri Battousai

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Kenshin is insanely overpowered even before the first episode. His title was “Battousai, the Manslayer”. He killed too many people to keep track of. Even after turning a new leaf and vowing to never kill again, he incapacitates almost any challenger in a matter of seconds. He is nearly invincible in battle because of his “godlike speed” as his opponents would say. He does struggle to win a few fights throughout the anime, but keep in mind he is always holding back because he won’t kill. He even carried a reverse blade sword which slows some of his techniques, though not by much. Kenshin is by far very overpowered in his respective anime, but keep reading to see more OP characters that defy laws of reason.


9.Inuyasha – Inuyasha

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Inuyasha is a half demon, in a world filled with full-fledged demons enhanced with Shikon Jewel shards that multiply their powers exponentially. As bad of a disadvantage as that is, Inuyasha stills allows himself victory in almost impossible odds. He has the Tessaiga, a giant sword made from his father’s giant fang. This sword is huge, and Inuyasha swings it like its its bamboo. He also has amazing luck at mastering moves just in time to save the day. His choice attack is the “Wind Scar” it can slay 100 demons in one swing. Odds should be about even now. Now heres the nail in the coffin, Inuyasha’s sword is a seal that keeps his demon blood under control if you will, but once separated from his sword, he becomes a feral bloodthirsty demon that is near impossible to beat. He then fights with claws and uses his own blood as a weapon, to destroy all in his path and earning him the #9 spot on my list.


8.Natsu Dragneel – Fairy Tale

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Natsu is a mage in Fairy Tail guild, one of the strongest guilds by the start of the show. He excels in Dragon Slayer magic and can replenish his power by eating his element, which happens to be fire. He has many moves that include engulfing himself in flames, spewing fire from his mouth, using fire to obtain flight abilities and even making himself take on qualities of a dragon as far as endurance and flame resistance. Having fire and dragon qualities make him almost invincible to explosions and heat, and speaking of heat, the angrier he gets, the hotter his flames get, thanks to the “Flames of Emotion” Natus literally is a dragon in human skin and thus can’t be hurt like a normal mage or wizard. This is what makes him OP, because in his respective anime, a wizard’s weakness is almost always his vulnerable body, while Natsu is pretty darn durable. This earns him a comfy spot in my countdown.


7.Kenshiro – Fist of the North Star

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Kenshiro isn’t one of the most popular characters, but he is one of the best to define the term Over Powered. He can kill someone with one touch. Not one punch; but one touch. He is a God of Death, by title. All who Hokuto Shinken masters are. Kenshiro possesses superhuman strength, speed, durability, stamina, and longevity as far as lifespan is. He is capable of atom destruction with Muso Tensei, and can just about master any other martial art or fighting style. This is OP by definition, and not to mention he lives in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, he’s fighting against mortal normal human beings. I use “normal” very loosely, but the only reason Kenshiro is #7 is that he lacks true flight, and is still susceptible to human diseases and sickness. He is also limited to a very advanced melee range and a few ranged ki attacks.


6.Ichigo Kurosaki – Bleach

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Ichigo is an adept martial artist through training professionally and with his father. Even before harnessing his immense spiritual powers, he was an amazing fighter. He has a phenomenal growth rate as far as learning curves and master new abilities and even achieved Bankai in two days! Something that typically takes 10 years. Ichigo is one of the few characters on this list with the ability to fly, and he even has a transformation that makes an already highly powered character, near invincible. Ichigo is a terrifyingly powerful character because one his power is under control, he is a force never seen before in his respective anime, and many others.


5.Kami Tenchi – Tenchi Muyo

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Tenchi is already a decent level fighter, but once he has control and awareness of his Kami form, he is near god level in strength and power. He can create and destroy atoms, super strength, psychic prowess, and overall spiritual awareness and manipulation. He is the literal God of the Tenchi universe continuity. This may be a cheap addition to the list, but he isn’t number one because this entity is working through a seemingly normal human who hasn’t fully mastered or grasped all the powers and abilities at his disposal.


4.Monkey D. Luffy – One Piece

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Luffy is nearly a god in his own right considering the extent of his powers and they are still growing. He can harden his body and stretch it, and prety much make his entire being a weapon. He has gears that he initiates in order to become stronger. These are more or less transformations. He has superhuman durability, elasticity, super agility and expert combat knowledge though not typically that genius outside of battle. He has a crew of powerful people who were once enemies at some point, so he has mastered the art of nonlethal harm, and yet can destroy almost anything and anyone at will if he so chose to. Only notable weaknesses are inability to swim, and extreme vulnerability to hypnosis and tricky battle tactics. However, through his incredible strength and resilient spirit he comes in at #4 with my list.


3.Naruto Uzumaki – Naruto/Shippuden

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Naruto is a hyperactive ninja with a mastery of shadow clones, and one of the most devastating jutsu known to his village and surrounding villages. He refuses to give up, he has amazing battle knowledge and intuition, and he can take a beating and keep getting up. He mastered just about all his jutsu in fractions of the times his teachers did and made them stronger. If thats not enough, he has a demon that is feared by the entire ninja world inside of him and sealed through his stomach. If he loses his temper, he can harness that power as well. If he runs out of his own chakra, he can harness that chakra as well. You’re going to lose no matter what. You have got to be the number one character on this list, and even then you have to be ready for Naruto to get back up and show you why the entire ninja world respects him.

2.Saitama – One Punch Man

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Through immense training and determination, Saitama has become the strongest person by far in his respective anime. He defeats everyone effortlessly and often is bored by his heroic tasks. He boasts superhuman strength, speed, durability, and extreme combat knowledge.His only downers are, he doesn’t take anything seriously initially, he doesn’t have any actual martial arts training and his stamina is unknown, he hasn’t exerted himself enough yet. It wouldn’t be fair to give this seemingly invincible character the number one spot because there is a character that is possibly just as strong as him, or stronger but happens to face stronger enemies.


1.Goku – Dragonball Z

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Goku is surrounded by some of the best fighters in the universe and somehow outshines them every time. He is an alien and possesses the bloodline of Saiyans. Saiyans are born to fight and bred to conquer. They’re lifespan is longer so that they may fight longer, and their bodies are more durable so that they may outlast any opponent, and they are born with the instinct to fight for any and all costs. Couple all those genetic advantages with a training fanatic, and a spirit no one can break and you have the strongest character in anime. Period. Goku also possesses the ability to transform to multiple levels, just in case you’re having a really good day. Also if you somehow beat him and don’t kill him, he gets stronger just for surviving. Literally, what doesn’t kill him makes him stronger. Goku is number one for a reason. Most OP protagonist ever goes to Goku from Dragonball Z. If you feel anyone else is stronger, ask yourself could they beat any of Goku’s stronger enemies?

Who is your fav?Lemme hear you guys out in the comment section below or if you wanna get in touch with me you can connect with me on social media like Snapchat-Vibsz16 and Instagram.

Siblings are the greatest gift for us also for Protagonist.So today I bring you the pair of  Top 10 Most Amazing Pair Of Siblings In Anime. So let’s start our list.

10.Monkey D. Luffy and Portgas D. Ace – One Piece

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Monkey D. Luffy has always had big shoes to fill, especially with his older adopted brother being the son of a former Pirate King. When they were young, Ace wasn’t so friendly to Luffy, but eventually, the two warmed up to each other and formed a strong bond that lasted throughout the series. Even though Luffy found himself caught up in turmoil resulting from Ace’s true lineage, their love still carries Luffy on his adventure to find the One Piece.


9.Ayeka and Sasami Jurai – Tenchi Muyo

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These sisters are princesses from the planet of Jurai, but due to extreme circumstances find themselves living in the household of the title character Tenchi as with other alien girls. Ayeka is a well-mannered princess who is in love with Tenchi, while her younger sister is the most responsible member of the family and group as a whole. In between normal life and space traveling adventures, these sisters helped keep the family dynamic intact, keeping everyone together.


8.Ayame and Yuki Sohma – Fruits Basket

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The Sohmas are a family who is cursed with turning into animals from the Chinese Zodiac, with these two brothers representing the Snake and the Rat respectively. Their personalities are completely different with the younger brother Yuki being more reserved and Ayame being highly flamboyant. Because Yuki had health problems as a child, Ayame ignored him and a rift grew between them, however as they got older Ayame tries to repair their relationship. Although it takes a bit of work he is able to close the gap between them.


7.Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha – Naruto

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Sasuke grew up without his family because his older brother Itachi killed everyone else in their clan. Not knowing the reason Sasuke dedicated his life to killing his brother, even turning his back on his village and friends. As it turns out Itachi did this to save his brother, as the Uchiha clan were traveling down a path of self-destruction that would have dragged Sasuke down with it. He became a pariah and waited for the day when Sasuke would surpass and kill him to atone for his actions. Maybe next time you guys could just talk things out? No? Right… Anime.


6.Speed Racer and Racer X – Speed Racer

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Racing is dangerous enough without having to deal with the aggressive drivers and evil masterminds that Speed Racer has to deal with on a regular basis. Good thing Speed has his brother Rex looking after him under the guise of the mysterious Racer X. Despite being one of the best racers, Racer X willingly gives up wins to help his brother out. Due to his actions Speed Racer suspects that Racer X could be his older brother, but he is never entirely sure.


5.Urd, Skuld and Belldandy – Ah! My Goddess

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When Keichi Morisato asked the beautiful goddess Belldandy to be his girlfriend he didn’t know that they would soon be joined by her troublesome sisters; the inventor Skuld and the self-proclaimed goddess of love Urd. While Belldandy is quiet and reserved her sisters like to cause trouble with Skuld’s inventions or Urd’s “love” potions placing Keichi and Belldandy in wacky situations. Even with their conflicting personalities these sisters are inseparable and have fought demons and the forces of heaven just to stay together.


4.Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin – Ouran High School Host Club

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These twins brothers are members of their school’s host club, a cafe where male students entertain female clients by playing out various fantasy roles like the pretty boy or the silent type. Hikaru and Kaoru play the parts of twin brothers who suggestively play the twincest angle in a way that makes their clients fawn over them. They are also a bit mischievous with a love for playing games including one where they make characters guess which twin is which. Go on guess we bet you can’t figure it out.




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