10 Love Scenes During The Christmas Holiday

We love watching those Scenes when their is two lovers spending the holiday together or even if it is a family. We decided to choose our top 10 Love Scenes that touched our hearts for this holiday season.

#10 Itsudatte My Santa!

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This is a Christmas story about a man who is named Santa and was born on Christmas. His parents often left him alone on his birthday; which gave the emotion of hate towards the holiday.

#9 The Pet Girl of Sakurasou Hall

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This is a story about being an average while being surrounded by geniuses. The anime is mainly focused on Sorata, average guy and Mashiro, a painter with no social skills. Sorata has two girls in his heart, but who is the first one? Got to watch the anime to find out.

#8 Nisekoi: Season 2

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Nisekoi is the story of two young people who are not in love or could they? Chitoge is the daughter of a mob boss, while Raku is the son of Japanese crime lord. To avoid a mob war, the parents announce that the young couple are engaged. Will these two fall in love or forever remain enemies?

#7 The World God Only Knows

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Keima is perhaps the greatest dating sims player ever; where he would prefer 2D girls over 3D. Keima also meets a young demon named Elsie and he decides to help her catch rogue souls that escaped from the underworld, who aim for young girls who have insecurity in their hearts. His goal is to date these girls and fill them with love, so that Elsie could capture the souls.

# 6 Erased

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Satoru Fujinuma, a pizza delivery man and struggling manga artist who is trying to make ends meet; where he has a gift to reverse time. In this anime they provide us with scenes that gives us the holiday feels that we could ever ask for.

#5 My little sister can’t be this cute

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This anime is based around two siblings and their relationship; which includes tons of love interest for Kyosuke (Brother). While Kirino ( Sister) is an ideal student, professional model, and a secret otaku. Kyosuke is the loving brother to his sister; where he did a heartwarming Christmas confession to her.

#4 Shounen Maid

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After Chihiro’s mother’s death, he was taken in by his long-lost uncle Madoka Takatori. When moving in to his uncle’s mansion; he cleaned it from top to bottom. Madoka wanted to give Chihiro something for Christmas, but all he wants is a new vacuum cleaner.

#3 School Rumble 2nd Semester

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Kenji Harmia is a thug that has a sweet spot for a girl in his class named Tenma. Although she has a crush on the plainest guy in the entire school Karasuma. Basically the Anime is about Kenji quest to win the heart or get noticed by Tenma. This is a Christmas story that would make you laugh.

#2 Kimi ni Todoke

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Kronuma doesn’t have many friends because of her appearance that makes her look like the ghost girl from The Ring.  Although she has feelings for Kazehaya and blushes when she recieves a gift from him.

#1 Toradora


Ryuuji and Taiga both having feelings for other people is very difficult as Christmas is being considered a romantic holiday. Ryuuji comes dressed up as a bear to cheer up Taiga; which is a symbol of love towards her.

Which anime is your favorite?

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