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Some anime are just too much for everyone to handle and to be sharing the time slots with the more kid friendly titles like Doraemon, Chibi Maruko Chan And Shinchan. The Japanese website, MyNavi had a poll on which of these 18+ anime deserves their time slots the most.

The poll ended and we came up with these top 10 extreme anime that only allowed to air at late night, probably after 10:00 PM.

Let’s begin without any further delay.

10. Freezing

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Freezing is a great magical girl and harem anime.

Basically, in the anime, the government does some research and creates genetically modified sexy girls in the anime who can use Stigmata to become super-human fighters.

9. Ladies Versus Butlers!

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Akiharu Hino was adopted by his uncle after he lost his parents, not to be burden, he entered Hakureiryou High School, it’s a free boarding school where students are trained to be butlers.

Unfortunately, his criminal like appearance keeps most of the ladies at the limit. He is mistaken as a pervert.

8. Maken-ki!

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This Ecchi Comedy anime is about Takeru Ohyama, a teenage boy whose new school doesn’t require entrance exams and it is really unfortunate, that his dreams of a happy high school life are crushed when he finds out that the school is much more than what it seems

7. Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of “Dirty Jokes” Does Not Exist

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This anime has a unique combination of vulgar language, crude humor that will impress you in more than 1 ways.

The anime is set in near future where it is forbidden to talk about s*x and even to say profanities. Anything that can be considered indecent behavior is illegal.

6. Manyū Hiken-chō

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In this current era, OPPAI means everything. If you have big ones, you are guaranteed wealth and popularity. If you lack them, you are rarely considered “human.”

5. High School DxD

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He goes on his first date with a beautiful girl only to get brutally attacked and killed by the girl, when it turns out she’s a cruel fallen angel.

4. Kanokon

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The protagonist Kouta is dragged into supernatural events as a result of his contact with the two girls, and his school life only gets more chaotic day by day.

3. The Testament of Sister New Devil

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 The father of the protagonist departed overseas after bringing Basara two beautiful step-sisters. But Mio and Maria’s true forms are actually the newbie Demons!?

2. The Qwaser of Stigmata

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When Mafuyu and her adopted sister Tomo rescued a strange wounded man, they had no idea what they were getting involved into.

In the anime, Qwasers require a special liquid to manifest their powers, one provided by the women who serve as a Qwaser’s partner. WHAT THE F**K? right?

1. Yosuga no Sora

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Haruka and his twin sister Sora have lost both their parents in an accident and all their support. Both twins decide to move out of the city to the town where they once spent summers with their late grandfather. This one is seriously amazing!

10 Anime You Can Watch At Night

This list will contains awesome anime that are targeted for mature audiences. Hope you enjoy the list.

1.Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata 

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Aki Tomoya is a hardcore otaku who loves anime, video games, visual novels and writes in anime blogs (spoiler: every Honey Anime writer). Captivated by the beautiful stories he has watched and read, Tomoya is inspired to make his own video game and express his emotions to the world. And in order to do that, he recruited his female classmates to form a doujin circle and make his game a reality.This is the most modern harem anime you can get that, most of the part didn’t use the basic harem tropes you have come to expect. Tomoya is your typical nerd with thick glasses, short black hair, and an otaku, inspired to make his own visual novel. Through his conviction and dislike towards 3D girls, Tomoya recruited his classmates and cousin (all happen to be girls) to help him make his dream game about romance no matter what. Since they’re dabbling into romance territory, the girls slowly develop some feelings towards Tomoya and sometimes the girls opted for a more hands-on approach for inspirations. Basically, Tomoya just created his own harem and he has no idea he made one.


2.Date A Live

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The last day of the spring holidays marks the explosion which destroys the town Itsuka Shido lives in, where catastrophes and spacequakes can happen anytime and anywhere you are. A girl in stunning armor and wielding a sword reveals herself to this high school boy.He soon learns from his sister-in-law, Kotori, that this beautiful being is a Special Disastrous Designated Creature, or Spirit, only one among those causing the disasters. Moreover, charming them is the ultimate solution to preventing its occurrence. Shido must date Spirits and seduce them immediately, otherwise the destruction of mankind will crash upon earth!



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Recent transferee student Kodaka Hasegawa, embarks onto Catholic high school St. Chronica’s Academy for another schoolyear. Same as always, he experiences difficulties making friends due to his naturally blond hair and delinquent but dangerous appeal, at least what fellow students think, and a reputation he just can’t manage to shake off.On a typical day, he overhears the aloof and bad-tempered solitary classmate of his, Yozora Mikazuki, avidly chatting with her imaginary friend Tomo, realizing that she’s just as lonely as he is! Neither having social lives, they founded the Neighbor’s Club with the intention of recruiting members and new friends. Other lonely students eventually join, and together they form a wonderful friendship filled with many group activities like cooking together, playing RPGs, swimming, and venturing out for delicious takoyaki. Misfits as they are, would they get along with each other harmoniously?


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Minato Sahashi is an extremely brilliant student, however his inability to handle pressure caused him to fail the college entrance exam, and twice. Since then, he’s been tagged as a loser or an idiot by many. He’s lived a quiet life in an apartment, until he came across Musubi, a girl who’s only one among a total of 108 Sekirei.These cute, sweet, buxom women are destined to fight each other until only one is left standing. The sole survivor will eventually ascend to heaven with her chosen Ashikabi. Minato becomes hers, and their partnership allows Sekirei to utilize all their powers to win the competition set by the MBI corporation. This is just the beginning of this young boy’s crazy life!

5.Heaven’s Lost Property

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Haunted by the same bizarre dream since childhood, Sakurai Tomoki would usually wake up drenched in tears. Though he’s convinced it’s all just a dream, his classmate Sugata believes that these strange dreams are related to the new continent floating around the world and that it would pass above their town at midnight.Tomoki set off to check it out, and little did he know that a breathtakingly beautiful angel would fall from the sky! Presenting herself as a pet-class Angeloid given the name Ikaros, she changes his peaceful life by promising to fulfill each and every single wish he can think of. Tomoki can manipulate panties and do perverted things amazingly with great ease, but what could he have done to deserve this? What is Ikaros really after?

6.Trinity Seven

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A romantic comedy which can also be serious at times, this school story revolves around Arata Kasuga, the world he lives in, and the Trinity Seven. A queer incident called the Collapse Phenomenon shatters the world into destruction and captures his cousin, Hijiri Kasuga. Pride, Envy, Greed, Gluttony, Wrath, Sloth, and Lust- these are the seven sins laid upon these seven beautiful girls ruling over the Royal Biblia Academy. To regain his world and rescue Hijiri, Arata decides he must control these sins in the form of these female magic users!



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