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The Ancient Magus' Bride Episode 9 Review: None so deaf as those who will not hear.

I am still not over the mess we saw in last week’s The Ancient Magus’ Bride, that’s why I’m glad we got a peaceful story in this episode! Well, I say it’s peaceful because of the overall tone on the surface, but dig a bit deeper and you’ll realize Chise’s got some emotional turmoil going on! Maybe some of you going through some rough patches in love will find that her story resonates with you.


Chise’s found a new partner-in-crime in Ruth, but in the sense of a big brother who will accompany her often and give her life advice. It’s very timely, actually, because it’s been 2 weeks since the revelation of Elias’ true form due to their encounter with Cartaphilus, but the mage hasn’t come out of his room since then! Chise’s gotten really worried, and it made her realize crucial things about herself, most especially when she met a man being haunted by a vampire.

Episode Highlights

Surrounded by care: Daww! Ruth has been settling in well in his new home as Chise’s familiar! It really is convenient, huh? Because they were really syncing in well, it’s hard to believe they only met recently! He was really treating her as his little sister: keeping watch on her, giving her good advice, and I really loved the part where he was trying to comfort her in front of their house. It was also nice to see Chise interact more with Silky, like when she kicked her and Ruth out so they can have a change of pace! Chise’s really surrounded by loving people now, even though they’re mostly faeries. At least, there’s also Angelica and Simon, right? The former seemed to be truly concerned about her, even going out of her way to check up on her and be honest about what she thought! The latter, well, we haven’t seen him much but I can sense his thoughtfulness, though he’s just watching over Elias. (However, was what Ruth said about him seeming fake supposed to have a bigger meaning? I hope I’m just overthinking it!)

Out of balance: The ending of the previous episode was something to be worried about! But Elias still sounded so calm while he talked, even though his body was out of control and out of sorts for weeks! It makes me wonder if it happened often before Chise came along, or is he just really good at hiding his feelings? Was he also really going to eat Chise while she was sleeping? Or was it just her dream? She saw her mother trying to kill her again, after all. Ahh, still so many secrets, that’s why I totally understand why Chise was getting anxious and mad! He even left her in his sorry state without telling her properly! Little Elias still has a lot to learn about humans!

The odd couple: Joel and the Leanan Sidhe were in such a bittersweet predicament! You’d really wonder what the faerie felt for him if she didn’t love him; she said her kind loves by giving inspiration and consuming their life force. However, I felt that she was genuinely concerned about him! I think that’s what Chise thought as well! She looked so cute when she was encouraging our protagonist to read Joel’s work and visit him again, and when she took a nap beside him! She was also really delighted when he locked eyes with her! Most of all, she wanted to be of help to him and was frustrated that she didn’t know how. It may not be romantic love, but it still seems like love in general

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