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A new upcoming figure has Suzukaze Aoba from Tokunou Shoutarou’s New Game!! looking much more mature than usual. The new devilish appendages might have a little something to do with it!

Releasing in May 2018, New Game!! 1/7 scale Suzukaze Aoba (Koakuma Ver.) is up for preorder for a generous 11,800 yen (before tax) at various online retailers!

Suzukaze seems to have magically grown a red-tinted tail, complete with a pair of horns and wings. With furrowed brows and an index finger near her mouth, she’s flashing an impish smile to match her new theme!

Luckily for everyone, she’s also ditched the work outfit that looked suspiciously like a school uniform. A revealing mini dress with loose straps and sheer thigh-highs lends Suzukaze a super sexy appearance that both her and you can be thrilled about!

Suzukaze also comes with an exclusive pedestal that showcases her playful pose for an alluring and bold display.

To preorder this devil of a figure, head over to Tokyo Otaku Mode!

© Tokunou Shoutarou / Houbunsha / New Game!! Production Committee

Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!

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