Kirby Transforms into Adorable Bun For 25th Anniversary!

The Kirby video game franchise has reached the incredible milestone of 25 years, and to commemorate, it will be collaborating with convenience store Lawson! In addition to original Kirby-man buns, there will also be a campaign where fans can try to get their hands on original goods, as well as some collaborative goods on sale!

The collab event will be brought to Lawson stores around Japan beginning on Nov. 21, among the most exciting being the limited edition Maxim Chicken Tomato-flavored Kirby-man buns! They’re nice and pink, looking just like Kirby, and there are two 198 yen versions available: smiling and stage face~

During the campaign, a number of Lawson stores including ones in Odaiba, Sendai, Sasashima Minami, Sennichimae, and Fukuoka Canal City Hakata will turn into collaborative stores, and collaborative goods will include clear keychains and microfiber handkerchiefs. Other products will also include a soft vinyl collection, cactus, mug & cultivation kit, mini tissue pouch, and stretchy pouch.

Special bonuses are also being prepared for Lawson for the 3DS game Kirby Battle Deluxe. The download card being released on Nov. 21 will come with a bonus Lawson & My Nintendo theme, and the packaged version will come with a Loppi and HMV-limited A5-sized clear file.

There are some campaigns going on, as well! Certain Lotte sweets will come with original stickers, and if you follow the official Lawson Twitter and retweet the target campaign tweet, you’ll have a chance to receive a 16” Fighter Kirby statue!

Here’s to many more years of great Kirby games!

(C) Nintendo / HAL Laboratory Inc.
(C) Lawson Inc.

Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!

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