Japanese Photographer Stuns Twitter With a Water Dress

Japanese photographer KAPPA_RYU is known for adding cinematic flare to cosplay shoots with his use of wide lenses, dark lightning, and practical effects.





The foreboding style contrasts with the current trend of CGI-laden and brightly covered shoots that try to mimic anime. However, KAPPA_RYU’s meticulous work is currently blowing up because of a “water dress.”

Kappa Ryu - Water DressKappa Ryu - Water Dress

It may look like CGI magic, but the “dress” is 100% water! According to KAPPA_RYU, it took over 100 attempts to capture these two photos.

Fans quickly heaped praise towards KAPPA_RYU’s camera skills on Twitter, but he was quick credit cosplayer Eri and assistant Souya for the shoot’s success. He said, “Our success is thanks to Eri’s beautiful looks and posing, and also Souya’s professional-grade water-splashing skills.” No doubt it took tons of patience from the trio as well!

You can visit Twitter to see more of KAPPA_RYU’s photography, Eri’s cosplay, and Souya’s musings on food and drinks.

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