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Food Wars! The Third Plate Episode 6 Review: The Imprisoned Queen

Remember the time when Food Wars was about people getting dramatic arousals and inventive culinary concepts? Well, neither do I.

Japanese Original Episode Title: 囚われの女王


So let me get this straight – apart from the fact that this episode had nothing to do with food, I had to witness Erina’s ‘dramatic’ past which consisted of her father… hurting her hand… when she refused to throw away bad food… so he was brainwashing her… to fulfil his plans. What. WHAT? What on earth am I watching?

Yukihira’s father meets with Gin, the old first seat of the elite ten, and they find out that the headmaster of the school, Senzaemon, has lost his job to his devious son, Azami, who was voted to take over by the elite ten. They freak out. In the meantime, as the news are circulating around the school, Azami announces to Hisako that Erina will no longer be needing her help, and thus starts brainwashing and isolating her again, like he did when she was a child. Souma meets with Senzaemon (whose name resembles that of a Pokemon or a Digimon) who asks him to do his best to save his granddaughter’s life…? Alice, however, who is less of a wuss than everyone else, takes matters in her own hands and decides to climb in her cousin’s window and help her escape. As they hide in the forest, trying to find a place for her to stay and hide, Tadokoro shows up and invites them in the polar star dormitory. Erina is welcomed by everyone and it is decided that she will be staying there for now. We also get to see her having a shower. Great.

Episode Highlights

Voyeurism: Here’s how ecchi works for me: it must not be casual. As in, if you want to make an ecchi show, go for it, but you need to give it some humorous undertone or extravagant attitude in order to make it work and not seem as a ‘bonus’ for watching the show. Food Wars was exactly like that. The imagery was so over the top, it was genuinely entertaining. Now, it somehow turned to random shots of Erina having a shower and us looking at her, which is no more than dry fan service. I am not impressed.

Understanding the intro: I thought the shot of Erina wearing shackles in the intro was just random and hilarious, but now that it makes sense, those warm feelings were taken away. WHY. Why does it have to come to this.

Isshiki love: Despite all the hell breaking loose and the school being about to fall apart, Isshiki remains chill, cute, and naked. Thank you, senpai.

Pokemon Balboa routine: Senzaemon’s workout sure does answer a lot of questions on his physique and his fabulous hair. It was great to see the old guy running around, having had the weight of running the academy lifted off from his shoulders.

Dark past sequence: By far the lamest backstory ever. I still don’t understand what the hell was going on and why Erina was so traumatized. Is he trying to turn her into a food tasting machine? I DON’T GET IT

Themes & Trivia

Himedere: Not established until recently, Himedere is like a princess-y snotty type of tsundere… as far as I understand. Erina is supposed to be himedere, in case this whole episode didn’t make sense to you either. She’s locked up in a castle waiting for some sexy chef on a horse to save her from insufficient culinary skill manifestations. Did we just jump a century back to helpless female characters who need to have their life saved?


I was so excited for the third season of this show, because in the past, it managed to do a great job illustrating and accurately discussing amazing food on an entertaining tone – and that was great. Now I am being forced to watch Yukihira becoming a white knight for Erina’s boobs. No thanks.

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