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[:en]Food Wars! The Third Plate Episode 4 Review: Pride of Young Lions


I guess I’m not the only one who has been waiting to see the twist that would grant Soma a victory against Kuga. Here it comes. I was actually losing faith before this episode.

Japanese Original Episode Title: 若き獅子たちの群れ


Yukihira’s stand fares slightly better as the days go by but he still has quite a bit of ground to cover in order to turn a profit after the low sales on the first day. While he’s still experimenting with the dishes his stall offers, the fourth day of the festival is upon them, and he finds himself facing the same opponent again, but more prepared. Soma noticed that the customers waiting to have mapo tofu are getting more and more tired of standing in line, so he decides to capitalize on that by creating yet another aroma bomb to drag them over to his stall. He decides to hide a curry bomb in a massive meatball, which once opened, releases its mouth-watering umami in a noodle bowl. His attempt is successful and customers start flocking around his stall. Thanks to a call to his neighbour, he manages to get tables for his customers to sit, and Tadakoro arranges for her regional cuisine club to bring some lanterns to decorate their eating area. Soma’s friends show up to help too – Subaru, Nikumi and the Aldini brothers tag along and help with the cooking. The stall is a huge success and Yukihira wins first seller of the day with Kuga coming second. Insane plot twist.

Episode Highlights

Kuga is a brat: I think I started realizing that the tables will soon be turning thanks to Kuga’s shitty behaviour. Making him look as bad as possible and a complete pest only increases the viewers satisfaction when he finally gets to lose to the protagonist.

What’s everyone else up to: I keep feeling like we don’t get enough screen time for the rest of the characters in this season. There’s so many of them and we know they’re working for the festival, but there’s not much interaction going on between them.

Just how intense is this intro: That’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while. This intro (especially the part where Yukihira walks smiling in the flames while brutal vocals play in the background) is so over the top. I guess that’s kind of the point for an anime that has the word ‘war’ in its title and basically illustrates cooking in a fighting style.

Spontaneous nudity: As Tomita tries Yukihira’s cooking, he experiences a mini-food orgasm, which is quickly illustrated with some flash nudity that quickly disappears. The actual fire crotch scene comes later, when he tries the full version of his dish by opening the curry meatball.

It’s peak time: If you’re shocked to see people waiting in line for ages to grab some food and then quickly get kicked out for the next customers to come in, you probably haven’t visited London. Eating out on a busy night is practically impossible and possibly disgusting.

Another aroma bomb…: Efficient (and quite smart) as that was, I think I’ve had enough aroma bombs in this show. I know smelly food is great and everything, but they’ve pulled that trick too many times.

Feline imagery: At first I was a bit surprised but then again who doesn’t want to see their favourite anime character drawn as a cat… I guess.

Epic Subaru moment: I did laugh out loud watching Subaru pretending to be Yukihira and Yukihira’s childhood friends freaking out over it. Great stuff.

Weird tattoo guy: Just how many creepy chefs can this school handle? New odd characters keep popping up in every episode.

Where did the shelves come from?: Okay, the lanterns were brought over by the regional cuisine society, but what about those huge wooden shelves? Did they rob the school library or something?

Themes & Trivia

Gastron: Is there a Power Ranger version of everything in Japan? Probably. I’m not even gonna mention the otakus buying cooking manga in the school festival.

Lion’s Head: …or ‘Stewed Meatball’ is a Huaiyang dish, consisting of one large meatball stewed with vegetables. There’s white (plain) and red (cooked in soy sauce) ones.

It’s almost over!

I’ve really had enough of the moon festival. Yukihira has been facing the same opponent for 4 episodes now and I’m getting tired. I was hoping for a faster pace in this season but instead I feel like it’s dragging the plot really slowly.

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NEXT TIME: The Darkening Dinner Table (翳りゆく食卓)

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