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Food Wars! The Third Plate Episode 3 Review: Moon Festival

After much anticipation, Episode 3 of Food Wars will see Souma-kun FINALLY going to battle with a member of the elite ten, Kuga Terunori. Not like, in a real battle, but in a sales battle at the Moon Festival. Don’t get your hopes up just yet.

Japanese Original Episode Title:月饗祭


Yukihira’s pepper buns are on fire, and so are the crotches of those who eat them. Annoyingly enough, Kuga comes by to give him a piece of his mind (which nobody really asked for) and make the point that he can’t possibly beat a strong opponent in a free market… OR IS IT. Yes, it is. The day is over and dear Souma didn’t even get close to Kuga’s performance. Naturally, he’s oblivious to any sort of stress. It turns out only Yukihira’s and Alice’s booth didn’t turn a profit, and Erina is furious to have her top students embarrassed like this.. Minor silly drama takes place with the highlight being Takumi wondering why Yukihira didn’t ask for his help instead of Nikumi’s. The following day, Yukihira adds a noodle dish to his menu, and his sales improve a little bit, but Tadokoro notices that he handed over a key to some mysterious person the night before. After the festival is over, Souma and Tadokoro give free leftover buns to the last customers still in the area, and Sadatsuka joins them to surprisingly appreciate the abomination that is calamari with peanut butter that Souma likes to torture everyone with. Souma keeps blabbering about his cooking philosophy to a point where I stopped following, so long story short: he’s planning to reinvent his Mapo Tofu.

Episode Highlights

Takumi’s petty jealousy (and continuous pointless bitching): I don’t know why this guy is so set on being the ultra-antihero. I mean, can’t they all just get along and go to gourmet picnics together – which is pretty much what the INUDOG tent has been doing during the whole episode (‘Let’s enjoy student life yaaaay’).

Ishiki-kun: Speaking of student life, Ishiki is my favorite character so far. I want to be him, walk around wearing just an apron and making food for the people I care for. Is he single?

Nikumi’s relationship to the Don guy: He’s honestly to pathetic to handle, which is funny enough opposed to Nikumi’s in-you-face, loud, giggling-breasts-everywhere type of personality. They were meant to be together, and I believe she enjoys joining the Don RS club more than she likes to let out.

Alice’s brain feels blank: You don’t get to meet a lot of people like Alice in real life, but they’re out there: airheaded geniuses who are extremely good in what they are fond of but can hardly operate in a normal society. Very much like me without the genius part.

Dried Fish Store of Darkness… or something: I would LOVE to try Sadatsuka’s dishes. Something that stinks like hell and tastes amazing… that’s pretty much the dream, is it not? *relentless mouth-watering*

Souma and Tadakoro expelled: I have stopped worrying about this by now, as they almost get expelled in every season. I’m sure they’ll sort something out.

Themes & Trivia

Seto, is that you: Keeps egocentrically thinking of how to win against his rival at all times, even though when this is completely NOT the point of the whole show and nobody cares about his hopes, because he’s going to lose anyway. Takumi is a more likeable version of Seto Kaiba, alright.

Insect cuisine: Currently a huge international trend, better for the environment as well as your own body! On the top of my bucket list of things to try.

Danzi Noodles: a type of snack found in Tainan, Taiwan. The normal serving size is usually small, being considered more of a snack than a starter. Popular with serious foodies from all over the world.  

Bah. Carry on.

I do like Food Wars but the beginning of this season is a bit MEH. Nothing is really happening, and we are almost in Episode 4 following the same opponent as in Episode1. Very slow pacing, very little food porn, but still some hilarious moments.

How did you find Food Wars’ Episode 3? Do you find the show to be a bit slower than usual this season? Let us know in the comment section below! And don’t forget to check the rest of the Fall 2017 anime reviews on MANGA.TOKYO!

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