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[:en]Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond Episode 6 Review: Get the Lock Out


LoL, what is this?! Is that… plot?! That’s right ladies and gents, we’ve reached the halfway mark and this week’s episode of Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond takes the most bizarre turn yet with a healthy dose of genuine plot development! But, don’t fret Kekkai Sensen faithful, there’s plenty of the usual madness and mayhem to keep you occupied. So, let’s get this show on the road!

Japanese Original Episode Title: ゲット·ザ·ロックオウト


Leo does some digging about reversing his sister’s condition, but the news he receives isn’t promising. Meanwhile, the Libra crew gets locked out of their offices after responding to an attack in the city.

Episode Highlights

Recurring Nightmare: So far this season, Leo has had a number of flashbacks about the day he gained the All Seeing Eyes, a memory that is quite traumatic for our young hero. Each time we see the events of that scene unfold, it becomes more apparent just how much guilt Leo still harbors about what went down that day. It’s one of the few times we see Leo without his signature smile and cheerful disposition… it takes a lot to kill Leo’s vibe, so you know this is serious business.

Even magic can’t fix this: I’m going to have a meltdown in 3… 2… 1… WTF?! Leo asks Luciana (demon doctor from Bradbury General) if there are any methods from the otherworld that could possibly heal his sister Michella’s legs and the good doctor flat out tells him that doing something like that could mess up the balance of nature…. EVERYTHING IN THIS SERIES FUCKS UP THE BALANCE OF NATURE!! There’s a giant portal to another dimension in the middle of New York City, demons and monsters roam the street, AND a group of superhuman crime fighters defend the citizens of Hellsalem’s Lot from, well, everything on a regular basis. And you mean to tell me that using magic to fix his sister’s legs is a no go… You can’t spent 18 episodes telling me that anything is possible and then hit me with some actual logic and expect me to take that sitting down….Nah bruh, I call shenanigans (read: BS)!

I can’t see the light: This episode sees the ever-optimistic Leonardo Watch actually giving way to the demons of his past. He is becoming increasingly disheartened by his inability to save his sister and fix his eyes. Thankfully, our boy Zapp is waiting in the wings to give him the (literal) kick he needs to turn his frown upside-down!

Everything that can go wrong will go wrong: This has to be the worst day in history for the Libra crew. After responding to a routine monster attack, the Libra team find themselves unable to get inside their office… To make matters worse, the office is under attack by a swarm of high-tech mosquitoes and, oh did I forget to mention that the city is also being attacked by an earthshaker that can level buildings with just a touch… No pressure.

Themes & Trivia

Ol’ Blue Eyes: Leo is the current wielder of the All Seeing Eyes of God (it’s like A Tribe Called Quest, you gotta say the whole thing), a fact that seems to amaze everyone he comes into contact with. But, we don’t exactly know the full extent of his powers other than the fact that he has some control over machines/tech, oh, and his real eyes were replaced with what looks like a glowing blueprint sheet.

Made a deal with the devil: There are quite a few of these in the Kekkai Sensen series so far, usually courtesy of the villain of the week; Black from Season 1 and more recently a disgraced werewolf villainess, but even our protagonist struck up a contract with a superpowered supernatural entity (though in his defense, he wasn’t exactly a willing participant in the deal). Leo inquires about breaking his contract with the otherworldly entity that gave him the All Seeing Eyes of God, in hopes of restoring his sister’s eyesight. However, he is told by a reliable source that something like that has never been attempted before and that the consequences could be devastating…

Sinister smile: Beware Steven’s smile. The more radiant his smile, the closer he is to losing his cool and possibly massacring the entire room.

I have important stuff in there: KK, Libra’s resident sharpshooter, offers to help the team out by blasting away all the evil bugs plaguing their base with the help of one of her big-ass guns. However, Steven isn’t too keen on the idea. Why is Steven not okay with someone blowing a hole in the office? Well, his computers are working on some very important work in there, plus one of their members might still be inside the building…. But, note, he mentioned that after he had a meltdown about the computers.


There was plot. I mean it was only there for the first five minutes of the episode, but it was there, so silver linings!  It’s episodes like these that really remind us how little we know about Leo and the All Seeing Eyes of God. Yeah, we know about the deal with the otherworldly entity and the consequences of that deal. Yet, I don’t know about you guys, but I have no clue what the All Seeing Eye is or why it’s so damn important, let alone what Leo was up to prior to his joining Libra. We get a few flashbacks here and there, but this was the first time we actually spent a consistent (albeit short) amount of time delving into Leo’s past and I want more… please?

Side note/continuation of earlier rant: WHAT IS THE LOGIC WITH THIS SHOW?! Magic can do everything, but heal a girl’s legs! I get why they can’t fix her eyes, that’s some high level magical juju, but her legs, that wasn’t caused by the run in with the Entity. As far as we know Michella was in that wheelchair before she lost her eyesight. So, why the hell can’t magic fix her legs? *incoherent string of expletives*

It’s the Best Day Ever!!

I’m giving this episode a mean side eye right now. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it and the plot development was much needed, even if it was rather short lived, and the main story was what you’d expect from the Kekkai Sensen series at this point… BUT, I have a fundamental issue with the arbitrary use of logic after all the other shit this show lets slide… Fix Michella’s legs for crying out loud! *ahem*

This episode raised more questions and I’m curious to see if any of them will actually get answered in the second half of the season, but, I’m not gonna hold my breath on that one… It’s the halfway mark for Season 2 and finally, it seems like this season is working towards some semblance of an overarching plot….kind of.

What did you guys think of the episode? Was this enough plot development for ya? Are you as pissed about the leg business as I am? Got a burning question? Drop a line in the comments section!

I’ll see you guys next week with Episode 7 of Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond, but if you can’t wait, check out our other Fall 2017 anime reviews and offerings!!

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