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A Sister's All You Need Episode 9 Review: Nudity and Underwear are All You Need

Episode Highlights

Kaiko has an underwear for a head ribbon: I’ve seen this one before and I found it funny at first. I was like ‘Those little rascals, how do they come up with that shit?’. But when I saw her putting on her face to draw manga, I was like Uhm, okay yes, this is weird.’

Nayu-chan…: We all knew she was a perv, but this was too much. Grabbing random people that you might work with in the future and just stripping in front of them to make them realize the beauty of nudity is a bit absurd. And in that censored scene where they are fondling each other’s boobs, did she actually CAME AT THE END? I don’t know what to say and believe anymore.

The editors are dead inside: Did you see their faces and the way they reacted to the whole situation? I swear these people have seen so much shit at this point they don’t even have souls of their own anymore.

Themes & Trivia

The official Twitter of the show posted an actual video tutorial on how to make head ribbons out of underwear. I have no words…

Did you notice in this episode’s opening that Itsuki in the last scene is actually butt-naked? Hehe, oh these little rascals, taking care of all the little details!

Is Mikuniyama Hentai Kamen, or what? For those who don’t know what I am talking about, Kaiko in this episode, when she puts the underwear in her face, reminded me of Hentai Kamen, a superhero that is running out wearing nothing but the panties on his head and underpants covering his loin and gets superpowers out of it and of course tries to save the world. One of the best movies ever, definitely recommending it if you need a laugh!


This episode made me think. Do they actually have this kind of meetings when they want to create a manga series of an ecchi novel? It’s absurd to me that Japanese people who are so polite and shy in their workplaces could sit down on a table and talk about nudity and underwear. If that’s the case, I don’t even want to think about the brainstorming process of hentai…

And one more thing. Dear Nayu, your expectations about the married lifestyle are far from the truth. I am sorry to say that but especially if you both are writers, you are not going to be able to do ecchi stuff 24/7. Just saying. And apart from that, what the hell did they do to you as a kid in order to think like that? I would really like to see an episode of Nayu’s backstory. I think it would shed a lot of light on her state of mind.

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