29-Year-Old 'Latin' Mangaka Dies Due to Stroke

The Japan Cartoonists Association confirmed that mangaka Enaga Takabatake passed away on August 21st due to a stroke. Takabata was 29 years old.


The news came after Takabatake’s family held a Buddhist memorial service on October 7th.

Takabatake’s career began in high school, in which he published online manga under the pen-name “President Takabatake”. His Wagaya ga Ichiban! manga won the runner-up prize from Takarajima Wondernet’s Digital Comic Prize in 2008. Zelbesty, an action-fantasy mecha series, was Takabatake’s first professional manga in 2011.

Takabatake was amassing a dedicated following in 2011 to 2014 from science fiction and fantasy fans. During the three-year period he created:

100 - Handred

  1.  100 – Handred (a collection of short stories)
  2. Latin: Takabatake Enaga Tanpenshuu (a collection of sci-fi short stories with a romantic twist)
  3. Ningyotachi no Hanakago (a rom-com featuring a mermaid)
  4. Godspeed (a seinen action series about human living in a town under the protection of angels, or so they think)
  5. Halloween Night (a one-shot about trick-or-treating robots)


Latin was Takabatake’s most successful manga, having ranked in the top 20 of Takarajima’s yearly Kono Manga ga Sugoi! guidebook.

Takabatake also maintained a social media presence and would share rough sketches with his fans:


Takabatake was not working on a new series at the time of his death.

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